Creating gorgeous bespoke or limited edition art to wear shoes to any theme. From bunnies to first date themes, to favourite poems or even teapots. The choice is yours and that's what you need for you wedding, the perfect shoe.

part of the multi award winning, Milly J Shoes, the artist Milly J is also the Highly Commended Footwear Designer of the Year. With the shoes worn by many a celebrity like the likes of Kylie Minogue to Kat Von D, Milly J creates gorgeous, striking Footwear.

As seen on BBC The Voice 2014, her orange shoes caused a storm. They are permanently displayed in the world's leading shoe museum and book published alongside Westwood, Louboutin and many others.



If you want the perfect bridal shoe, look no further than the handmade creations of Milly J Shoes.



I look forward to creating for you X

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