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Hi Lady's,

HELP !! I am a 50 something male, yes I know its a brides forum but I need some help and advice, My partner and I are getting married in 2017 ,its my 2nd time around but its her 1st and in her words, the first and only time !

We are getting married at a country hotel where we are also holding the reception.Last night whilst discussing wedding plans , my better half informed me she doesn't want to walk down the aisle with her son who will be giving her away as she said everyone will be staring at her but to be stood at the registrars table and for me and my best man to walk down to meet her.Now I am a traditionalist and open to any ideas but has anyone heard of anything like this before ? 

Thank you


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    Ooo...that's an interesting one! I haven't heard of that before, but I guess anything goes, so long as you are happy too xx

  • I don't see why you couldn't....otherwise have you thought about you both walking in together....??

  • Sam60 wrote (see post):

    Ooo...that's an interesting one! I haven't heard of that before, but I guess anything goes, so long as you are happy too xx


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    I vaguely remember hearing about ladies in the past, who, upon getting married a multiple time (second, third marriage) in a church setting, opted to come to the alter by means of a side door off of the vestibule. They had a short walk to the alter where they joined their h2b, rather than the traditional long walk down the aisle. I'm really pulling from the depths of my memory on this - I don't recall if it was the brides' choice, or if the church requested it...My point being, there is no reason she has to make the long, "lonely" walk if she doesn't want to. It has not "always" been done, for a variety of reasons. 

    I don't blame her either - I did not want to make the walk myself the last time. Unfortunately, our ceremony site didn't have any other viable options. Fortunately for me, my father agreed to walk with me near the last minute (it was a multiple marriage for me as well, and he thought us rather foolish to be having a wedding). We ended up having a few good laughs about the awful steps on the way down to the altar - joking that surely one of us was going to trip! And we had had no trial run so it was likely to have happened!

  • Do what ever you both feel comfortable with, it may be worth while mentioning that no matter which way she enters people will look at her she is the bride after all. 

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    Hi Phillip 

    didnt want to read & run so no I've not been a to this style of wedding, but it should be what you and your bride want,

    so it's fine she wants to be there first & you join her either walking in from the side or down the aisle your venue & choice, will dictate how you make this happen 

    I'm also a first(& only!!!) time bride to a 2nd time groom so things have to be slightly differnet to make it special & he doesn't always see that I need it to be different to first time round he thinks that the fact the bride will be different should be enough!! For your info it's not!!!Lol 

    if you need to vent more, feel free to message


  • Hi Phillip

    I'm a registrar of marriages so I've attended a few weddings in my time! But I can't remember an occasion where I've had the groom walk in to meet the bride.  That said, why not!  There's no reason at all why it cannot or should not be done, just let the registration staff know your preference when you have your pre-ceremony interview.  Alternatively, consider walking in together if that makes your other half feel more comfortable.

    Whatever you decide upon, have a great day.

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