What are you doing differently?

Everyone has a venue, a dress, some food etc but what are you doing differently at your wedding to make it unique? Where did the inspiration come from? 

We're having pancakes as our canapé and dessert because I have a serious obsession with them and we are having Mr and Mrs specials too. 

We've also hired in some llamas for the post ceremony drinks and mingling. 

To make evening entertainment a little different we are turning our ceremony area into a gaming station so we will set up a Wii and have some virtual reality headsets too so those that don't like dancing or want a break can have a play! My other half is big into gaming so we thought it would be fun to have. 

I can't think of anything else right now but would love to hear what you're doing!



  • SquirrelSquirrel Posts: 102

    that sounds amazing! We are both gamers and want to set up a game station but I'm not sure we will as our venue is quite small so might take up space we need for other things...I need to get the tape measure out haha. 

    I love the llama idea! I wanted owls and birds of prey but oh veto-ed it, the spoil sport. However, he is getting me a custom built lightsaber with the money I'd set aside for the owl so we are going to make the most of the darkness and stage some lightsaber battles. The best man and maid of honour will have one each too. It should be fun.

    we are also having a lot of Disney and video game decor so it will be quite us...there's no flowers. I don't want confetti, I want a sparkler photo in the dark. No buttonholes, but I might give the guys a hogwarts house badge or something...haven't decided. but its really fun coming up with the personal touches. I've asked my brother and his gf to design us a cocktail both alcoholic and non (we don't drink) as they are both bar managers and create cocktails for their bars. I thought that would be quite a nice gift from him. I also have Christmas crackers to fill myself (Xmas wedding) so can give personalised stuff. 

  • peebspeebs Posts: 2

    We are also gamers and having an area set up for the Wii U for a Mario Kart and Smash Bros tournament. We will be having some gaming music as part of our playlist. At some point the bridesmaids will be running around with Pikmin antennae. We love Disney too so our wedding cake will be Wall-E themed!

  • rainbooboorainbooboo Posts: 545


    My H2B is also a gamer, we are setting up a racing tournament with a racing bucket seat, steering wheel, pedals and gearstick hooked up to his PS4, with a score board (yet to do the making of the scoreboard yet mind you!). I might even get a little trophy made up for the winner!

    I also wanted duck herding for our entertainment but timing and budget restrictions have put a stop to that, boo hoo!

    We are doing a ring blessing so guests can make a blessing/prayer over our rings before they sit down for the ceremony, and I am making a wish/date idea jar for guests to write on little scrolls that we will open on our first anniversary. Oh and we are putting selfie sticks on the tables lol. Don't know if that is very "different" though lol

    I am interested in this thread for ideas tbh as I feel like our wedding may be a little generic


  • NozomiNozomi Posts: 161

    I love that this thread has brought out all the gamers! Has anyone recognised that Nozomi is a character in Shenmue?!

    The idea of having the date ideas to open on a first anniversary is really cute, I might have to copy that! We are doing sparklers too, but for our exit :) 

    Duck herding sounds amazing! It's a pity you aren't doing it! 

    The crackers are a great idea - will they be your favours? I was thinking of making little recipe books with a couple of recipes we like to cook together as we are really into cooking but not sure if that'll be way too much work! 

    Rainbooboo, your wedding doesn't sound generic! You have PS4 racing! What areas are you thinking of to make a bit different? I'll try and think of something for you.

  • Kate186Kate186 Posts: 92

    Loads of awesome ideas on this post, other half is also a geek (a professional geek) and as our wedding set up seems very me at the moment I'm trying to think of more geeky things.

     we're also having a Disney cake topper and a mash up dance involving I can't wait to be king.

    Always looking for more ideas though!


  • Kate186Kate186 Posts: 92

    I wrote a whole paragraph about the dancing storm troopers that were on Britain's got talent, did anyone see them? I really want to hire them! But might just end up with a person in a storm trooper costume.

  • Sarah398Sarah398 Posts: 266

    I am struggling with getting inspiration for personal touches so very interested in this thread.

    I do have a crepe stand coming for the evening reception as my OH is also obsessed with them.  I get to choose the fillings, we get to have a signiture filling & we get to spin our own crepes, so will make great photos I think.

    I'm having a motown band as we love the music.

    The venue has lawn games.


  • NozomiNozomi Posts: 161

    Storm troopers would be so fun! I think you'd definitely have to seem them beforehand though, or scout out a dance troupe and then pick their costumes? Might be expensive but would certainly stand out!

    YAY! Another crepe stand! I really wanted this amazing old Citreon van I found but they wouldn't travel more than 15 miles for my numbers (50 day guests) but we have one that looks like a cocktail bar so that'll be good too. We're doing the spinning crepes photo too :) ours will be instead of the cutting the cake photo. 

    Very jealous of your motown band, that'll be a lot of fun! 

    I'm going to use a corkboard that me and my dad made when I was a teen and put up a sign saying it's something we crafted together. 


    Oh. I forgot! Our other twist is that on our invites we are having a 'vote for our surname' section (called: We've got a blank space baby, please choose our name' - we are Taylor fans!) and we will announce the winning surname when the registrar announces our name as Mr & Mrs XXXXX! I can't wait! 

  • Melissa-9Melissa-9 Posts: 5

    I am having a pink wedding dress :) No need for a long post, "pink" tells it all, right? :)  Btw, its a Wera Wang hehe

  • Kate186Kate186 Posts: 92

    Pink wedding dress sounds amazing! I am going to be the most indecisive bride who ever walked into a dress shop as I can't even decide if I want a wedding dress!! 

  • Natalie141Natalie141 Posts: 67

    We are getting married abroad and are going to the beach for our post reception drinks, we are having a bbq for our food and we are having crab racing in the evening (bit weird but I met my h2b at a crab racing night in Australia!)


  • Kate186Kate186 Posts: 92

    Wow! That sounds idilic! I've never even heard of crab racing.

  • MrsJ2017MrsJ2017 Posts: 3,017

    My OH is a gamer, I used to be years ago, I think its a fab idea but if I did that the boys would spend all night on the consoles, we have enough of that in day to day life 😂 

    I love horses and wanted a carriage pulled by a pair of black horses, but Im travelling in with my all my bridesmaids so I dont think wed all fit.

    Id love owls, I get a photo with them at every chance, and I thought how harry potterish to havre an owl ring bearer but OH said it was the tackiest thing hed ever seen 😔

    We are having a magician though, an old work friend if OH who had won awards now for his magic, and were having a prepaid sangria bar with all different flavours to choose from.

    And I want to name the tables after game of thrones castles but Ive yet to run that one past OH! I dont know how many tables yet but Im thinking Winterfell, Sunspear, Starfall, Riverrun, Highgarden, Harrenhal, Dragonstone, Eyrie etc

  • MC98MC98 Posts: 211

    Our "doing things differently" is probably that we haven't really listened to traditions - just gone with what we feel.. For example, no bridesmaids or best man, and the ceremony is just us, parents, and siblings in an outdoor ceremony (fingers crossed - British summer!) in a derelict castle. The rest of the guests just join us at the reception venue a few miles down the road..

    Then there are some traditions we're keeping just because we liked them, i.e. first dance, cutting the cake etc

  • Mine would be the fact that we are marrying the old with the new!

    Finger sandwiches for canapés (I REALLY love sandwiches and would eat them for every meal of day if I could)

    3 wedding "dresses" - ceremony gown, wedding breakfast gown, reception jumpsuit! I changed 3 times on my 30th birthday so my guests EXPECT this from me lol

    I'm being given away by 3 men - my dad will walk me a third, then he will be met by my form tutor from secondary school (he has played an important role in my life and has been at every major celebration since I left school), then my elder brother will walk me the rest of the way. Haven't figured out exactly how it will work but I will make it work!

    Drink stations - I get really frustrated when I'm at a function and have to wait 10-15 minutes to be served for a drink so I decided to have 3 bars instead of 1:

    beer + wine (and soft drinks)

    Fizz + cocktails

    Shots + chasers


    We're also huge house and garage fans so want to have a live PA from one of our favourite bands - hopefully it won't cost too much otherwise we may have to scrap that idea! There's also gonna be a shisha lounge in the chill out zone, multiple food trucks, churros,  crepe, and ice cream stands.


    I think that's everything lol

  • peebs wrote (see post):

    We are also gamers and having an area set up for the Wii U for a Mario Kart and Smash Bros tournament. We will be having some gaming music as part of our playlist. At some point the bridesmaids will be running around with Pikmin antennae. We love Disney too so our wedding cake will be Wall-E themed!

    I LOVE this! I'm gonna suggest it to FI later on!!

  • We're being quite traditional: me in big white lacy dress, him in kilt (he's got scottish family history), vintage car, posh sit down meal followed by disco with buffet...

    But in so many other ways we're breaking from the norm: my only bridesmaid is a 5 year old (and no she's not a flower girl as I hate these americanisms that are taking over!), my mum is giving me away, my cousin is doing a speech in lieu of "father of the bride" and my OH is having a best woman!

  • Katherine66Katherine66 Posts: 1,234

    Morris dancers !  Already had our handfasting last year!  


    Reception in the cow shed , no not a posh barn a cow shed on the farm where we live 


    we also follow a celtic lifestyle as much as pos minus the chopping of peoples heads off!  


    I think we are all individual in our own ways have fab days people. 

    Bright blessings


  • LucykinsLucykins Posts: 701

    Ooh Katherine66 I want rapper dancers and clog dancers at mine but I've not asked them yet. I've grown up with folk music all my life so it's really important to involve that. We are having a very well known ceilidh band on the folk scene, called Blackbeard's Tea Party. I do clog dancing myself so I'm planning to ask some people I know.

    My aim with the wedding is to make it as personal as possible really. The ceremony is in a library where we've spent some happy times, and a good friend is hopefully playing a fiddle tune for me to walk down the aisle. I'm hoping to use our family VW camper van as transport. It belonged to my grandad and has been in our family nearly 60 years so it's my way of including my grandad in the day.

    The reception is in an old tram station. For the tables I am planning to carry on the library theme. Everyone will receive a library card telling them which 'library' to go to (table) and which book they are borrowing. I've bought loads of Penguin and Puffin book cover postcards so we will pick a suitable book for each person and put it in their place setting. So to find their place they need to find their book if that makes sense. I will write their names on too though, to avoid guests wandering around lost! 

    My H2B's auntie will hopefully make us a cake and I'm thinking of tying that in with the literary theme and making it look like a stack of books. Food-wise we will have afternoon tea as the wedding breakfast and a vintage fish and chip van in the evening, so no fancy meal.

    We are also planning on staying together the night before but will get ready separately.


    Sorry for the essay...!

  • Katherine66Katherine66 Posts: 1,234

    Lucykins that sound lovely!  I had to steer clear of books snd things as my youngest daughter wants that when she gets married.  


    I would have loved a band but we just could not afford it.     


    I have just ordered mini lace tamborines just 10 to dot around the shed.  £15.   


    my bridesmaids are my daughters and my best friend and they are carrying hoops of flowers instead of posies and bouquet is going to be a large loose one with ivy and corn roses and cornflowers.  


    We are having a full huge pig roast for the whole day.  


    I feel so lucky as this is my second time and im 50 soon, im wearingva full trained custom gown mermaid still and full legth veil , how terrible at my age!!:)

  • LucykinsLucykins Posts: 701

    Sounds great Kitty :) 

    So are the morris dancers people you know? I've just sent a message out about the dancing at mine so I'll see what they say. My mum is a morris dancer but she lives a long way away from us so I've asked the local teams up here.

  • Katherine66Katherine66 Posts: 1,234

    Hi lucykins


    wow you dont get many lady morris people thats so cool!  Yes i just rang up my nearest who are the adderbury men and although they are older guys some have died he seemed really keen to dance at a wedding. Its costing £160 for a couple of hours.  Before we follow very country celtic pagan lifestyle it just means so much.  My fiance is a farmer craftsman and herdsman where we live so we will be in the middle of harvesting!  Ive just been outside laying hedges!


    Im so glad we can chat ive had a few bad experiences on here and feeling bruised:(.


    what colours are you having ? Where in the country are you?

    Its so exciting!!!


  • LucykinsLucykins Posts: 701
    Katherine66 wrote (see post):

    Hi lucykins


    wow you dont get many lady morris people thats so cool!  Yes i just rang up my nearest who are the adderbury men and although they are older guys some have died he seemed really keen to dance at a wedding. Its costing £160 for a couple of hours.  Before we follow very country celtic pagan lifestyle it just means so much.  My fiance is a farmer craftsman and herdsman where we live so we will be in the middle of harvesting!  Ive just been outside laying hedges!


    Im so glad we can chat ive had a few bad experiences on here and feeling bruised:(.


    what colours are you having ? Where in the country are you?

    Its so exciting!!!



    Hi Kitty,

    Yeah I guess a lot of groups are just men. My mum's one is quite mixed. There is quite an active folk music scene where they live.

    Aww sorry you've not found everyone friendly on here. 

    I'm in the north east and our big day is in Newcastle. I just googled where Adderbury is haha. I'm having pastel colours, mainly a vintagey dusky pink for the bridesmaid dresses etc. How about you?


  • Katherine66Katherine66 Posts: 1,234

    I knew it a good northerner like me !! born in cheshire and lived many happy years in north yorkshire oh how i miss it.  


    Oooo sounds dreamy lass,  im having a dusky pink velvet vintage jacket for the evening but my colours are peach rose gold/copper and a mid blue not pale not dark.    


    Ive a strong personality and am very loud generally so my dress is vry flamboyant, not clasic or plain in any way, full of 3d petals with veil to match ifs an ian stuart, not showing off or owt but he showcases my bubbly self.  


    We are opening out the cow shed once the girls have given birth and gone to grass and putting tables bar disco under cover. Got told today we are havjng a huge fire pit in the paddock behind as well.  We have the owner to thank for all this he is a very modest baron and we would be homeless without him.  


    Sorry going on abit.  Tell me about your planning and self. 



  • Katherine66Katherine66 Posts: 1,234



    Just in case it goes cold!  Haaa!    

  • LucykinsLucykins Posts: 701

    Ooh very nice. I like the detail on the back :) 

    I'm from Lincolnshire originally but moved up north for uni and have stayed ever since as I feel more at home here. Met my other half aged 19 and by the time we get married I'll be 29 so in the space of us getting to this point we've had friends who have got both married and divorced! It's happened when we have felt ready for it though.

    Originally I thought I might a pick a more alternative dress but it turned out that what I liked most and suited best was actually very classic and traditional. I really wanted a full skirt like dresses in period dramas so that was one thing I knew I wanted. I don't have any particularly good photos but this is the back.


    Our venues are in the city centre and are low budget but lovely and unusual.





  • Katherine66Katherine66 Posts: 1,234

    Oh lucykins that dress is stunning honey!  Love it all so beautiful!   


    My jacket has been customised by me new ive added material flowers to the front heee!:). 


    Ooo city venues im thinking little quirky pubs and  art places.   I dont like the hotel trend of getting it all done there they are souless places.  


    Ive got a picture of me trying a dress on but the style is being changed for a tight fitting mermaid as a line didnt suit me . 


    Ive got to get on and write out menus.  

  • LucykinsLucykins Posts: 701

    Yeah I really didn't want a hotel package where they do everything, although at times when I've got slightly stressed about our venue I have looked back on it and thought it would have been so much easier! We've picked one of the busiest weekends for Newcastle as it's Great North Run weekend so I've had some worries about that, but we have given everyone heaps of warning and main people are sorted. At the end of the day the wedding is in Newcastle, not Timbuktu, so if people really want to be there they will be.

    Happy menu writing! 

  • sugarmousesugarmouse Posts: 189

    We won't be having a lot of the tradition. I am wearing a blush pink dress, no veil, one bridesmaid, no MOH or best man. Nobody is giving me away, the tradition makes me cringe just thinking about it. I will be doing a speech not the groom. No cake cutting. The buffet will all be vegan. Our photographer steers clear of traditional 'posed' shots he likes to get more natural ones. None of our family members will be present except H2B's grown-up daughter and my teenage one.

    BUT I still feel like I am missing that one thing that says US! That makes it unique to us.

  • Elz2017Elz2017 Posts: 316

    Great thread! We're having a pagan handfasting on an island, no bridesmaids/best men, I'll be wearing something slinky and green, and there will be lots of whisky and vodka... and the dogs will be attending. 

    The food includes seafood platters and venison spit roast, we're hoping to secure a dj who will play lots of house and drum and bass later at night... basically we're hoping that our day will be more in the order of a massive party than a 'traditional' wedding. No first dance, no cake cutting, no speeches (though people will say odd bits/sing/play during the ceremony if they want to)

    Our problem has more been to keep ourselves from being gimmiky - we saw a sword made locally on our last planning trip, and are desperate to include it but can't work out how (thinking our initial thought of setting up a Beric Dondarion flaming sword might be a bit too dangerous...) 

    Our main 'us' points have been to keep the ceremony connected to nature and the elements, and to try and use/source as much as we can locally to the island venue - we've been incredibly lucky with suppliers in that respect, and we're completely dry hire at the venue so we have that control.

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