Same sex wedding anyone?

I'm a girl marrying a anyone else planning a same sex wedding? 




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    Hi, I'm female marrying a female too. We get married in 2018 - exciting! How far along are you with your planning?

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    Hello! Huge congrats.


    We are pretty much planned I think. Getting married in April-can't wait. We booked a holiday then booked the wedding so our holiday is our honeymoon!

    how are your plans?



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    Aww wow congratulations to you both! You sound like you're on top of it all :) Do you want to share any details? :) 

    With ours being 2 years away we're on a bit of a break from planning at the minute to be honest. We have the venue, registrar, photographer and cake booked. The rest can wait till next year, although I'm wondering if I should get in touch with the florist yet as I've seen shes already taken 2019 bookings!!

    In the meantime I'm scouring this site for hints and tips hehe! :) xx


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    Yes we are getting hitched at the South Causey Inn in Stanley. It is a pretty little venue. We have sorted most things; we are trying to do it on a budget but for it not to look cheap! We are getting wed at 3:30pm and having evening reception at 6pm so cutting out wedding breakfast. My dress was a gift from my Mum and her partner - it is a lace strapless sweetheart neck number. A line and I am carrying sunflowers (once we have met with the florist on 3 September!) My partner will be wearing a suit (yet to be decided upon!)  My partners Mam is making a naked wedding cake and we got a fab deal on a photographer who is up and coming and his pics are amazing! Found him on Face Book and he is only charging us £450 as we get hitched on a Thursday. So excited. Ebay dresses for my 6 bridesmaid dresses (a lot I know - mostly family!) I am nervous for their arrival!


    When do you get married? Would you care to share?


    So exciting! 

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    There was an absolutely gorgeous wedding day photo shoot shared by two ladies just a few weeks ago:

    FAB pictures and they look like an amazing couple.

    There are/were also several nice planning threads and reports done by ladies (same sex couples) that you might find inspiring or helpful.  Here's one:

    If you do a search, I'm sure you will find others as well.




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    These are wonderful links thank you so much for sharing xx

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    Jamie41 - Your wedding sounds like it's going to be lovely! I hope the bridesmaid dresses are OK when they arrive - I'm sure they will be :) I know someone else who cut out the wedding breakfast to keep the costs down and it worked really well for them. Amazing deal on the photographer too!!

    There's not a great deal to say about mine as yet with it being so early. We get married at Dunedin Country House in Patrington which is in a little village not far from where we live. We've already booked the photographer, we had a few recommendations to use him and loved his work so it was an easy decision for us. I won't be dress shopping until next year, however my partners been getting so anxious about her outfit because she doesn't want to wear a dress but doesn't want to wear a suit either! The other day I stumbled across some formal jumpsuits and ordered a cream one on a whim for her to try. She looks amazing in it! So one of the things we were worried most about has pretty much been sorted nice and early :) Next step is to sort out some 'will you be my bridesmaid' cards and ask my 3 bridesmaids! xx

    Kitten2014 - Hi! Thank you so much for the info. I had actually seen the photoshoot thread - how amazing does it look!! I'll be sure to look into the planning threads, thank you :) xx

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    What a beautiful venue :) It looks so lovely. Do you have any ideas what type of dress you would like? I only tried 2 on and it was the second one I went with although I have lost a lot of weight so I am anxious about the alterations I have to wait until January after contacting the bridal shop. Eeeek. A white jump suit sounds like a wonderful idea. My partner is definitely a bit of a tom boy and I think she is looking for a classic suit in blue but she doesn't want to look too "butch" so she is going to have her hair wavy with a bit of make up on. 

    That is a lovely idea re the bridesmaid cards. I have bought the bridesmaids all matching kimonos from eBay. They arrived so quickly and are beautiful. They will be for the morning of the wedding and the photos will look lovely with them on. I have a matching one too - in white. 

    My sister is a trained make up artist so she is giving me an amazing deal on make up for the day but I am not sure what looks I like yet. 

    I think the next thing we have to do is sort invites but I am not sure when they should be sent?



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    Thank you! I've just googled your venue too, it looks beautiful :) I love the greenery thats around the ceilings in a lot of the room photos - so pretty!

    Try not to worry too much about alterations. I've heard that these seamstresses are actual wizards that work magic with dresses. However well done on the weight loss! How did you do it? I've lost 3.5 stone so far this year and still have a little bit more to loose before I want to start dress shopping. The only downside is that none of my clothes fit so I currently look like a permanent scruff! I think I'll go for an A line dress with a lace back. But I've heard some posts on here about people going with the complete opposite to what they wanted so we'll see :)
    My partner is the same about wearing a suit, she's not butch at all  and wouldn't wear a suit but shes not a girly girl and would never wear a dress. Love the blue suit look though, if we were doing suits I think we would do it blue too.

    I love the kimono idea! I've not thought that far ahead yet but might have to pinch that one hehe :)

    I wish I could help you with the invite timings but I have no clue, sorry :( I'm sure if you do a search someone will have asked the question before? xx


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    Wow well done on your weight loss that's amazing! I've stopped eating, well lowered my carb intake and started walking to and from work which is around 5 miles a day. I've been slacking lately though. I'm the same with baggy clothes but can't afford to buy more as all our spare cash is going into the wedding pot haha! 


    Im having a bit of a nightmare with bridesmaids in particularly my maid of honour / best woman or whatever they're called these days. She just doesn't seem as involved as I would like. The bridesmaid dresses arrived yesterday and im anxious about them and need to see them on But none of my maids seem available. It's so frustrating as I want her to be happy for me but at the same time I get that people have different things going on in their lives and I don't want to become a bride from hell lol. My partner likes the dresses so we shall see - her best woman is coming to try on today so fingers crossed!! 



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    imageThese are the kimmonos! Modelled by my other half. We're thrilled with them and were a bargain haha 

  • jamie41jamie41 Posts: 63

    imageDresses! Im posting a lot today haha 

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