London Elopement


My fiance and I have decided to have a symbolic ceremony, just the two of us, in London after having the paperwork notorized here. We were both married previously, in our mid-late 30s, have crazy large families, and have no desire to have another wedding (or figure out how to pay for it, I mean really...we can't invite this cousin but not that cousin..).

We will be going this upcoming March (sqqquuueeee), and looking for an outdoor venue, a small chapel, or a charming indoor area to have a 20 minute ceremony. Any recommedations would be wonderful. We are both public school educators and chose to save for this elopement/honeymoon, before beginning a family!


We are also looking for someone to "officiate" but they charge almost $400! I need someone to read for 20 minutes. Yikes!

And for someone who could take pictures of the ceremony and surrounding area, about an hour.


(--- Bride on a budget here! But my wish is to still have this special moment with my true love. Someone who has been there through so much and is such a good man, in a place that will feel as special as he is.


Thanks for any pearls of wisdoms!





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