Anyone not having bridesmaid(s)/bridesmen/bridesmales etc?

Hi ladies

i am seriously contemplating walking down the aisle by myself without any bridesmaids or bridesmen Or parents To walk me down. Anyone else doing the same/have done so? What were your experiences like?

Thanks in advance


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    That's quite a big thing to do on your own. Why do you not want someone with you?

    You don't have to have anyone but everyone I know have had people involved. 

    I generally would not be able to walk down the aisle on my own, I get so nervous I'd prob talk myself out of it! no joke. I can't handle being centre of attention. lol



  • I've seen a lot of women on here decide not to have bridesmaids. If you want to walk down on your own then go for it, only you can decide what's best! 

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    My friend recently got married with no bridesmaids. It was a small wedding and as she didn't have an "obvious" bridesmaid choice like a sister, she felt that if she started trying to choose people, she would end up with half the guests walking down the aisle with her! No-one found it odd at all. Do whatever you want to do :)

  • I've been to two weddings where there was no bridesmaids and honestly no one even noticed or cared. I'm only having the one. I'm also currently debating walking down the aisle solo. My dad passed away ten years ago and I don't trust my mum to keep me calm beforehand.

    I am thinking of asking my brother but also quite like the idea of doing it myself?  I've always been a pretty dedicated feminist so the idea of having a man 'give me away' is a bit . The only thing that has me wavering is that I'd quite like someone to lean on to stop me from falling over my own feet etc on the way up the aisle.  

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    Thanks everyone. 

    I originally asked a close friend but she may no longer be attending the wedding because of her personal circumstances changing suddenly and I don’t want to impose on her as her issues are much bigger than being my bridesmaid. Additionally my parents have been really unsupportive so I definitely do not trust them to be there for me on the day. Due to our poor relationship, it feels a bit false to ask one of them to actually give me away, we sadly do not have that bond. I don’t really have anyone else I might ask to step in either as bridesmaid or to give me away. 

    Its nice to know that others have ‘walked the walk‘ alone. Our wedding is very traditional so at the moment I feel that not having these elements would seem odd. 

    Sorry I seem to have rambled a bit.


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    I know lots of brides who haven;t had bridesmaids. I also didn't want any but had to have them for tradition! I think it would be awesome for you to walk down alone, all the focus will you on you and your partner and it would be so lovely and powerful xx

  • I think all weddings now are a mix of traditional and nontraditional elements.  I don't think anyone goes to a wedding anymore expecting it to be completely "by the book" (equally, I don't think anyone expects a wedding to be completely "out there").  Couples incorporate or keep the traditional elements that mean something to them, and discard the ones that don't.  No one is going to think two things about you walking down the aisle alone, and I can definitely see why you would want to.

    An unintended side effect of not having BMs is going to be a LOT less stress and a lot less expense!  Have a nosey on this forum and you'll see there are probably more threads started about BM problems than just about anything else!

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    Didn't have any bridesmaids/groomsmen at my wedding. My grandparents walked me down the aisle and my mum walked down before us along with my hubby's dad since they were the 2 witnesses as well.

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    I didn't have any BMs or flowergirls or anything, and didnt regret the decision at all. Less stress, less cost plus all my nearest and dearest could decide what they wanted to wear lol! My mum gave me away as my Dad has passed away but I did consider meeting my hubby at the top of the aisle and walking down together, holding hands. 

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    Didn't have any bridesmaids, flower girls best man or groomsmen at first wedding,  as another comment said above, people could wear what they liked and relax with their partners that way, and no hurt feelings or arguments. My ex husband and i walked down the aisle together and we opted out of speeches which pleased my dad no end as he could completly relax then and no first dance either. Second time around we have 2 small children attending who are only 2 and 6 and so a token sparkly dress is in order, they will both very probably refuse to do anythjng remotely wedding related on the day which is fine by me, as long as they are happy eh. No adult bridesmaids or groomsmen, my fiance is having a best man but only because we are inviting close family only and he is a close friend of his plus he doesn't want to stand at the registrars table on his own 😂 again, no speeches or first dances🤗 its your day so have what you want, dont be dictated to by tradition and be comfortable and happy with your choices. 
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    Sorry, just realised This is an old post and so the wedding may have already been and gone
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