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Good Movie Weddings to Replicate?

Hi, so me and my sister were out having a coffee yesterday discussing possible themes for my upcoming wedding. We've both been movie/TV buffs growing up, going to the cinema every week to watch the latest movie, and we love our TV series. She came up with the idea of re-enacting a wedding from one of our favourite movies. This did seem a little bit out there but in this day and age, I guess this kind of stuff is pretty normal. I'm entering into an unconventional same-sex marriage after all and my partner was actually really keen on the idea. She loves a good laugh and is about as off-the-wall as you can get.

I thought I'd throw out the question on here to see if anyone has any good suggestions on TV/Movie weddings to mimic. I'm not quite sure whether we're thinking about just copying a theme and the styling, or whether we're going to go into character and re-enact some lines. I know I'll probably want something completely different next week - as planning a wedding does kind of throw your head all over the place - but I am kind of intrigued to see if anyone has any good ideas around the subject. I can probably see us more just copying the dress from one of our favourite movies and maybe getting some props and stuff so that we can make it more interesting than your standard white wedding. Maybe we'll just go all 'Game of Thrones' or something. Obviously have to consider the cost of it all. And, of course, who wears the dress?

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