Congratulation messages from formula 1 or football clubs?

Hi everyone, 


does anyone one know how I would go about obtaining congratulations from football clubs or especially formula one teams? 


Has as anyone ever been successful? 




  • I read on another forum that some brides have been successful doing this! It was dated a few years back though. From what I remember they literally emailed the general enquiries address. 

    I‘m planning on emailing my H2Bs team to see if I can get anything x

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    I think most ask for a donation to their chosen charity, it seems a bit hit and miss with some brides getting them and others not so just keep trying x

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    I tried this from my hubby's football club and they could only send a generic pdf as they said they get so many requests they cannot fulfil each one


    I hope you have success though - I think it depends on the club :) xx

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  • Thanks for your replies ladies. 

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    Do you think this would work for snooker players?! My h2b likes our local football team but is more into his snooker! Would emailing them some how get a response? 

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