Ideas on how to make this dress weddingy ?


I don't do dresses at all and I hate every single wedding dress i've looked at.
I haven't brought this yet but It's in the sale & I really love it.

How could I make it more wedding like? As in accessories, make up, hair, shoes - have to be flat... 


I was thinking of getting either ;

(can choose the text colour)



(With this one, wouldn't know what colours to go for as our theme is red & navy,
but love the dress above)


  • A lot of people may tell you otherwise but it's your wedding day, you wear what you feel most comfortable in. You don't have to match you're theme. Red and black work well together too, purple works with both navy and red and would go amazingly with the dress!

  • Elz2017Elz2017 Posts: 316

    I love that dress! I'd have a veil with the two colours of chiffon that are in the dress, a long one of the kind that goes on the back of your head, with red or purple roses in your hair and your bouquet the same. I pair of great shoes or boots, a red lippy, and jobs a good 'un. I'd probably add a serpent bracelet in silver just for good measure (but I think that's my inner goth calling...)

    As above, don't think your dress needs to match your theme, carrying the red through would be enough. 

  • SlySly Posts: 10 New bride
    Funnily enough, along the same lines... ish. I am just debating if I can get away with a navy palazzo pant jumpsuit!! I too hate the bog standard generic wedding dress, sorry, I know many love them and that's cool, it's your day so wear what you love. This is an older post so did you get the dress afterwards? 
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