Would you like a wedding like this?

Hello all, I am hoping that sometime in the near future we will be in the position to sell our family home and open our own small wedding venue, I am thinking along these lines and want to get some feedback now before I get any further with purchasing anything else (we already have a huge amount of the china, glassware and table linen etc). My idea is to have a vintage themed venue that can be dressed in various colour ways and with a subtle change of some key items will give a hint to a certain era ie 40'S 50'S or simply be given a rustic country feel. People would be able to choose from these set themes and colour ways and everything would be dressed for the wedding by event staff, no need to worry about collecting things yourself! I would also have the option of providing a vinyl and shellac DJ meaning that the event would have a true vintage feel, music available would range from the 20's up to the early 90's and would include genres such as Rock.n.Roll 40's Swing, Soul Disco and Funk, Reggae Calypso and classic pop from the 60's/70's, Jazz of many types too! Catering, we were thinking of making it less formal  and having sharing platters and covered dishes of veg etc so people can help themselves, or for a country theme a squiffy picnic with everything contained in hampers that people share from? Drinks would include the use of vintage punch bowls and all glassware would be vintage too, cocktails also served in teapots for that prohibition vibe! Hoping to find somewhere with outside space so we can make a special space for outside weddings when the weather permits! (and would also mean that our vintage games could be put to good use) Does this sound like the sort of wedding you would like or would be happy to attend? Are there other things you would like to see included? I would be very grateful for any input!
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