For our wedding, I’ll be getting married in a black dress. Would it be unreasonable to ask that any women attending my wedding don’t wear a black dress? 
TIA! 😘


  • Rach371Rach371 Posts: 1,107 New bride
    I don't think so,guests don't wear white for the same reason. I would put something on the invites like "ladies please avoid black" or something similar. I'd never wear white to a wedding for fear of upstaging the bride and it wouldn't bother me if the bride wanted to wear something else instead. I love the alternative wedding dress idea! 
  • Those were my thoughts, but I know people can get funny about being told not to wear a colour! I’d also not like to give away that I’ll be wearing black, so don’t want to liken it to not wearing white in a note as that would be a dead give away! 
    We’re an unusual couple haha 😅
  • Rach371Rach371 Posts: 1,107 New bride
    Haha you could risk it and not say anything, not many people where black to a wedding but you never know. I wore a knee length white dresses for my wedding as I didn't want a meringue, however one guest did wear a white lace dress. To be honest I was having so much fun I didn't notice until I saw the photos and even then I wasn't that bothered, it was a slightly weird thing to do but it's not what I remember when I look back on the day. 
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 725 New bride
    What time of year is the wedding? We had quite a few ladies in black dresses and jumpsuits. But that was in December.
  • MrsPB2019MrsPB2019 Posts: 558 New bride
    I went to a wedding last year where the bride wore red and remember the invite stating not to wear red but I didn’t assume that was what the bride was in.
  • OmRum it’s february, all indoors and the ceremony and reception are at the same venue so hopefully no need for jumpers inside 😊 
  • OmRumOmRum Posts: 725 New bride
    Lol I think you misread jumpsuit as jumpers. No jumpers at my wedding either!

    But people do tend to wear darker colours to winter weddings, so you probably should expect some outfits in black, navy, maroon, etc.
  • I definitely did 😅🙈 if it’s not unreasonable I might pop a note in with the invites asking ladies not to wear a black dress, any other dark colours I’m good with! If anyone wants to know why I’d tell them, I’m just hoping for a big wow moment when I walk down the aisle!
  • If I got an invite saying don't wear black I'd assume the bridesmaids were in black, not the bride! Some people do ask guests to avoid wearing bridesmaids colours. Either that or I'd think the bride just wanted a colourful event!
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