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What do we wear to get married if it's just us? - registry office

So we decided that we want to get married, we've given notice and booked the small room in the registry office for May 17th. We're planning on just having the weekend away and my partners mum will be having our children for the weekend ... but currently we have nothing else! Literally the 2 of us (+ 2 witnesses) ... This all seemed like a fantastic idea but now Im panicking, I've been to lots of conventional weddings but I don't even know what we should be wearing for ours.
Has anyone else got married like this or are we crazy?
There's no real 'service' because it's literally 4 of us in a small room and will only take around 15 minutes Im assuming. even after that point we have no plans except to go for a meal and then on to our hotel. Help me please?! 


  • Wear whatever youd like! You could go with a more conventional wedding dress if you want one, or go for something a little fun and different, or just rock up in jeans! I think its a nice excuse to buy something that just makes you feel amazing, and it doesnt matter what colour or style it is, as long as you feel fab in it! 
  • MrsCToBeeMrsCToBee Posts: 2,957 New bride
    My friend did this, she just wore a nice summer dress and cardigan with a fascinator. Monsoon, Dorothy Perkins, or Alie Street all do nice, not too flash wedding dresses if you want to wear a wedding dress.

    My brother and SIL also had a registry office wedding with just 2 witnesses and literally wore jeans and t shirts, but they had a big outdoor wedding with a celebrant a few days later where they did wear full wedding regalia.
  • You can absolutely wear whatever you like.  Despite the registry office, if your dream is to look like a "bride," then you should absolutely go for it.  Wear whatever makes you feel beautiful.
  • @KittyFiennes - I just want to say your Vegas dress was incredible and proves your point above. You looked fabulous! @melaniejennings23 - check out Kitty's planning thread!!
  • @Sci-Fi Nerd thank you so much! You are too kind.  You've made me want to continue my thread; I had rather given up on it!
  • @KittyFiennes oh please dontd give up on it! I'm terrible at commenting but I promise I've been lurking all along!
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