Alternative guestbook ideas


So far, I have seen the following things that have been used instead of a traditional guestbook for guests to write their wishes for the couple on:
Jenga blocks 
Travel map
Photo frame where the wedding group photo will go
Wine box ceremony with postcards

Any other ideas?


  • I've seen these little love hearts that you sign then slot into a 3D frame. They look lovely but only have peoples names really.

    We're having a photo booth and they give two copies of the photo and then slot one into a photo album and guests get to write a message.

  • if you're into anything specific you can work that into it. I've seen people use wooden oars as they sail, having everyone sign a vinyl record, or a cake stand. 
    I'm thinking of having squares of fabric for everyone to write a message on and then ill make it into a quilt, as i grew up sewing and quilting with my family. 
  • Thanks both. I can’t think of anything we are into that would work for signing. I have seen another idea since posting- having guests fill a pinata with wishes for the guests to open on their first anniversary. Pretty cool!
  • That's a lovely idea!! I've also seen something similar on a smaller scale which is a ceramic pot that you break open.
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    This is actually something I've been looking at this past week. I think I'd like to go down the route of getting a polaroid camera for people to take pictures and stick them in a guest book with a message.... Need to discuss this with h2b so not a definite yet. 

    One of my friends had a photo from their engagement shoot printed onto the centre of a canvas with blank space around it for people to write messages. 

    On my search for inspiration I found a Pinterest board that had loads of ideas so maybe something on there could inspire you!

  • Erm, how many guestbooks is too many?😬 I love several ideas from that link, Annipoo, like the Date Jar where guests share their best date idea with the bride and groom. 

    My only concern with the polaroid camera is the quality of those shots, especially in the dark. I personally need several takes before I am happy with a photo of me. But that idea does work, we were at a wedding where we put photobooth photos in an album and wrote next to it.

    Beckyboo1986, I would be worried about the clean up, unless we broke the pot outside somewhere:)

  • My friend had the polaroid idea and was so disappointed. Hardly anyone had stuck the photos in the book, but had instead taken them home for themselves. 

    She said it was such a waste and a huge disappointment for her when she looks back at it.
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