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Scottish Diy lodge wedding

Brand new here and not quite sure where to begin. 

So myself and my partner got engaged August 2019 we put off wedding planning until after the new year. We sat down yesterday and discussed what we want for our wedding and both of us have said we don’t want anything big. We are happy with immediate family there and a few Friends so roughly this comes to around 40 people. We are a same sex couple and feel like we don’t really want to go down the traditional route. In our heads we would like a laid back day so we have decided we would love a large lodge in Scotland which we can decorate ourselves (rustic Style) we don’t want to have to walk down an isle and have everyone sat behind us we would prefer all our family gathered in a large room or outside very chilled out atmosphere. We don’t plan on a sit down meal either just a large buffet or possible street van hire all alcohol will be provided by us. We will still be doing the big dresses, photographer, videographer, cake this will be made by my partner as she is a well known cake maker based in Dundee cakesthatlandid (check her out). 

So getting to the point has anyone done a wedding like this and is it possible? Can we just hire out a large lodge hire a humanist and do this? 
I feel absolutely clueless and have no idea where to begin on wedding planning. 



  •  Hi Katie,

    Hope this finds you well. I came across your post and though i would get in touch.

    I am a photographer based in North West of England. I've photographed weddings where they would use celebrant, however for it to be considered legal  they would also need to have a civil or church ceremony.

    Having said that i came accross this article which says that in Scotland humanist ceremonies are recognised in law so it looks like you can do it that way without having to go to registry office.

    In England, Wales and Northern Ireland humanist weddings are not legally recognised in law so couples have to go to a registers office to take care of that in the days before or after their humanist wedding. In Scotland humanist ceremonies are recognised in law.

    Read more:

    I hope this helped and if you are still looking for a photographer let me know as i would love to photograph Big Lodge Wedding in Scotland :)

    Here is the link to my website -

    Kind Reagrds


  • TunnagTunnag Posts: 4 New bride
    Hi, I'm sure you're probably well underway by now but just wanted to add that yes, in Scotland you can have a legal ceremony anywhere, and it can be performed by a humanist if you want. We're doing a DIY tipi wedding in a meadow up a mountain, and the local registrar is coming to the meadow to perform the ceremony. We didn't want a humanist as although they're non-religious, there is a certain 'belief' system that goes along with humanism. My brother had a humanist ceremony and the celebrant waffled on for a while about sentiments that were totally unrelated to the couple getting married - it was nice enough but it's not what me and my other half want. The registrar will allow you to write your own vows, have your own readings etc - they just have to do the legal questions, but in general you can totally design your ceremony to contain exactly what you want, and nothing that you don't want. Since you're thinking of Skye you'd have to get in touch with the registry office (or a humanist celebrant) there I suppose.

    In terms of just getting friends and family together in a big lodge, this sounds totally amazing to me, like a lovely and relaxed way to do it. You'll probably get some people passing comment on how they would do it differently, or what they think a wedding 'needs' - we're finding this as we plan - but just let it roll off! The one thing I would think about carefully would be catering, we are doing a very simple, informal buffet but even that is proving to be quite complicated. We're also providing all the booze and calculating how much of what kind of drink you'll need can also be a headache - we're just making sure that we have more than enough wine, so that even if say, everyone drinks all the gin and don't want any of the other spirits we're providing, they can fall back on wine. We're probably going to err on the side of buying too much spirits anyway, because after all, it keeps, and if it doesn't all get drunk we'll have a fabulous drinks cabinet for a while! We've started buying the odd bottle when it's on special offer and are storing them up.
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