leap year


im getting married on the 29th February and have had mixed reactions to it from 'oh my god thats so cool', to 'But you'll only have an anniversary every four years'.

I was wondering if anyone else is getting married on the 29th feb or is it really unusual?

look forward to ur replies!


  • I'm not, but one of my close friends is. It's not for everyone (I for one wouldn't want to get married in the winter!), but if it's you I think it's fantastic. It'll make your wedding extra special.

    Good luck to you!

    Joy xx
  • I think it's nice. I have a friend who's birthday is on that day, and she loves it! (plus there's the jokes that she's only 14!)
  • Ah so there is a least one other person! I love it, altho we will never make it to our 60th anniversary............
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