Need Ideas: Similar to Release Butterflies I had this idea that there'll be a box per couple each with 2 butterflies (real ones) that will be relased at the end of the ceremony (blessing in Italy)...something memorable and different.

But the more posts I read on this site and looked into it, the more I thought it sounds cruel! Especially the ones that ship out the butterflies in boxes....I would only consider it, if there was a local supplier that could bring them to me on the day, knowing that they've been looked after etc etc etc

So, as there is a VERY slim chance of that happening, I was wondering if anyone had any ideas on what else can be done by ourselves and guests (8) to add a special touch to the day.

We considered balloons, and lighting one candle, but it doesn't sound as interesting as relasing butterflies.


Thanks xxx


  • How about sky lanterns,they seem very popular and have the 'wow' factor.

    Look magical floating away in the night sky.
  • ellybeeellybee Posts: 1,381
    I was going to suggest sky lanterns as well! Great minds and all that!
  • wwww that sounds interesting, as we would like to have the ceremony late afternoon, and to finish just before it gets dark!

    Do you have any more info or pics? I'll google in the meantime!
  • Just found them on the net - I know what they are now!

    They look brill!

    Also glad that they are biodegradable, have to admit that's what put me off with balloons!
  • You have to be careful where you do any type of ballon release - the latex balloons are bio-degradable - however the twinkling lights aren't!!

    And - some local authorities need to be told as they can get caught in power lines - small aircraft etc - and they have to be inflated to a precise size to ensure they will burst at a certain height.

    Please dont think am being a kiljoy - just check it out first so you are not caught out on the day.

    Best of luck!!
  • So glad you're mentioning it Missgibbons!

    The more I know now the better!!! image
  • awww I put a smiley face there not a shock! image

    these are paper doves that need to be inflated with helium (not sure how easy that will be to organise for italy though) but i think they are a really nice idea!

  • My immediate thought was sky lanterns too. We went to visit our venue yesterday which is by the sea and mentioned it to the lady there, she said it was fine as long as we called the coastguards to let them know, otherwise they'd panic!! I know sorry, irrellevant but thought I'd mention while on the subject.......
  • and wow...those dove balloons are beautiful too!
  • I love the sky lantern idea, just put this to H2B and he loves it too, they sell them on ebay at quite reasonable prices - definitely think we might pinch this idea for our wedding. X
  • The paper doves look great!

    I'm still stuck on the lantern idea - especially as we're hoping to have a late afternoon ceremony.

    The more idea the better though image
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