Right all you lovely weird brides! Seeing as we're all having some pretty unconventional weddings I thought we might have some unconventional venues amongst too us so....

Show us your venues!


  • Hi Cherry, good thread will be nice to see what gems people have found. My vene isn't particularly unconventonal, it's a victorian gothic manor house but we're just renting the house so we have control of everything else we're doing which was very important to us. I hate the whole you must to this and then that malarkey - it's our day we'll do what we want and what represents us as a couple.

    Anyways this is my venue

    Have you had any luck in finding the castle you were after?
  • We're getting married at Butley Priory in Suffolk: Frances Shelley, who lives there, is the most fantastic singer/composer:

    Our wedding date is 8 April 2008 - can't wait!
  • geating married at stapley water gardens(cheshire)

    italian garden outside with fountains etc

    inside reception room like giant green house

    next door tropical oasis with fish beautifull flowers and palm trees

    tamirin monkeys and a tucan

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    Hi rosebride2b just had a look at where you are getting married and it looks gorgeus x
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    hi girls! im a newbie but would really like to share how my wedding day is planned so far! we fly to sri lanka dec 1st to have a traditional sri lankan wedding, including elephant ride ,drummers and people singing traditional blessings! im soo excited i cant wait xx
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    shopaholic, your venue looks stunning!

    Mine's not particularly unconventional, but it is for the area I live in as I'm in Milton Keynes and there's nothing really with any gardens our beautiful outdoor areas. We're travelling about 40mins after the ceremony to get to The Great Barn, I fell in love with it because it's exactly the right size for our wedding breakfast guests, there's around 70 of us and I didn't want somewhere pokey but not too big either! We've paid the venue fee, so we've got the whole place. Bliss! I can't wait!
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    All of your venues are gorgeous!!! what about you CB, any joy yet?

    this is where we are having our reception -

    the pics online of the room we are having the ceremony in a re a bit rubbish but here are a couple we found. it is quite bare so we have ordered nice ornate chairs and are having quite a lot of flowers too. shame you cant see it set up but i will post pics after the event! Halls - Recital Room/preview/recitalroom2.jpg Halls - Recital Room/preview/recitalroom.jpg

    its called the recital room and is in the scottish orchestra building so a nice big piano in the corner and great acoustics!!! the venue for the recpetion is a 5 min walk away so we plan on all trooping along the road (weather permitting!) Vx
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    We're getting married in a castle cherrybombshell/ Eastnor castle in hereford.
  • Ooh good question! We chose the Woodend Barn in Banchory, near Aberdeen. We struggled to find somewhere that we could have as a 'castle', accomodate 100 guests, and where we could have a band play. When we found this place we knew it was the one. It's a community arts centre and normally has art displays on, and some theatre/bands. It has some lovely stone walls inside, and outside had a perfect grassy area for our ceremony, and we hired it for 2 days (midday fri to midday sun) so that we could decorate it all and use it as a blank canvas.

    It's this site -

    I'll have to see if I can put some pics of the venue on the actual day here! (if anyone's interested?!)
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    Please post pics MrsRB!!!!!!!!!
  • ooh ok - will have to wait until I'm home though - no access from work!

    There are a few online on my hubby's site you could look at -

    Obviously they're not the best for showing off the venue, it's just a few picked from the day.
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