Fao Mrs Lee

Hi - I heard you mention you had a lovely lace dress for your wedding. it made me realise I hadnt seen any pics from your day. If it doesnt sound rude do you have any we gals can see on here?

(this is turning into a regular occourance for me asking to see pics!) :\)


  • Oh how sweet,

    click away

    please be kind

    I hope you like them.

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  • I hope you don't get too bored Mrs Bunny.

    Gosh lots of views but it's very quiet.

    Think I might be getting a complex, boo hoo...

    This happened last time I posted them.

    We all look a little odd as the photographer has "watermarked" them.

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  • Ooh I've just noticed you've replied! Thank you!

    I've seen the first pic and you look FAB! Will view the rest now....

    Dont get a complex!
  • How grand it all looks! Very formal!

    I adore the bridesmaids, they look great!

    did you have a black and white theme?
  • Your photos are amazing Mrs.Lee! Not sure how to explain it but the photos of the ceremony feel like they have a real presence, looks like you had a wonderful wedding xx
  • Oh please ignore previous needy pleas.

    I am outrageous!

    8 bridesmaids were probably a touch excessive but they LOVED their dresses.

    I found them in Laura Ashley of all places.

    It wasn't a theme as such Mrs RandomBunny.

    it was black tie as it was an evening event and all the flowers were white.

    Oh the cake was white with black spots and black silk ribbon with a brooch and bow.

    The Cathedral did make it seem quite grand.

    The Town Hall scrubbed up well too.( so cheap and we could take all our own Champagne without corkage and our own caterers.)

    No bedtime reading needed for you tonight Mrs.Bunny.

    That lot will send you off to Bedfordshire.

  • ~Chloe~ that is very kind of you to say so.

    It really was magical , 5.00p.m Winter service so v.dark.

    Lots of candles and fabulous architecture

    The photographer loves the ones in the Cathedral and said something similar.

  • They're wonderful photos! Thanks so much for sharing!
  • Love the cake!

    I cant look at them all now (how many are there?!) as hubby wants on the computer. is there anyway to see thumbnails and pick and choose which to look at?
  • Oh I made it through them all! Bling bling on the rings!!! and the last shot outside of the catherdral is stunning!

    Thanks so much!

    Oh I'm so sorry Mrs RandomBunny.

    Gosh that would have taken you forever.

    Even I skip a huge section of RANDOM guest as they go on and on.... as you know.

    Blimey a pat on the back for making it out the other side.

    I hope the link above makes it easier for anyone else who wants to take a peek

    My husband is a jeweller Mrs Bunny so I'm afraid bling was the order of the day.

    No complaints here.Perks of the job.
  • Hi

    Couldn't help being nosy when i realised pics were involved!!

    Just clicked my way through them...they are fantastic Mrs Lee. You look wonderful as does each and every guest! You look like you had a wonderful day...and sorry for intruding on your post!

  • Your not intruding at all buzzybee.

    Every bride LOVES sharing her photos.


    Thank you so much for your compliments.

    I always look at the photo posts too.

    Quite partial to a wedding dress.

    We are so happy and LOVE being married.

    I am a very lucky lady.

    I was a little worried on the dress front.

    Lots of people I know have gone for the simple,sleek look which looks stunning.

    I on the other hand went for a full blown " doily" creation.

    Was so worried that people would hate it.

    Never worn a frill ( knickers don't count) in my life.Not with all my flesh but what did I go and choose for the most important day of my life.

    Oh I do despair!!!
  • You look so beautiful and I love your veil. Wonderful photos and the shot of the Cathedral all lit up looks stunning.

    Nothing wrong with your dress at all!
  • Wow! I love looking at photos! Congratulations! You look gorgeous! Thanks for posting xx
  • vicster1ukvicster1uk Posts: 1,085
    Hi ML, I have seen a few of your photo's before but it was super to see them all. You look absolutely gorgeous! i hadn't seen a full length on of your dress until now. You are one smokin' mama! And isn't your hubby a dish!!! It looks like you had an amazing day. Congrats again. Vx
  • What lovely ladies....

    Gosh feeling rather choked

    Thanks Philippa36 still have the occasional "wobble" about the dress as it was so far removed to what I thought I wanted and it still just seems a little odd seeing myself like something your granny would put over a loo roll.

    All that aside, it was the first dress I tried on.

    It turned me into a princess and a gibbering wreck at the same time.

    Haven't even had it boxed yet as I have it hanging in our bedroom and gaze at it every day!

    I have put my veil somewher SAFE? but can't think where?

    Thanks for taking a look sweetpeas.

    I have just last week planted my sweetpea seeds and looking forward to having them sprawling through my wigwams this Summer.

    There's nothing quite like them and I always grow masses and masses to hand tie with ribbon for friends.

    Wow vics1

    can't wait to tell my husband that I am a " smokin'mama!

    How delightful.

    My husband I agree is an utter dish all the old ladies are in love with him and think he looks like a young Gregory Peck

    I really wouldn't know!
  • Claire07ukClaire07uk Posts: 3,482
    Oh wow how very glamorous you are Mrs Lee! Your veil is absolutely stunning, and don't be wobbling about your dress - it really is beautiful and suits you so well. Also love your bridesmaid dresses.

    Oh how I wish I had a garden I could grow flowers in - your sweetpeas sound just wonderful!
  • vicster1ukvicster1uk Posts: 1,085
    Aww, ML, I can tell you are touched by the ladies comments but you must believe us! You look amazing. A girl is allowed a bit of frill particularly on her wedding day and I think you made the absolute right choice about your dress. You look stunning! Vx
  • Mrs Lee, your wedding was a triumph! You look fabulous, never doubt it! It's like you are straight out of the Fellini film La Dolce Vita! And you couldn't have had anything less stunning for such a grand setting.

    Champagne and oysters as well! So sophisticated!

    We really are kindred spirits Mrs Lee, sweetpeas are my absolute favourites (can you tell?). Is it time to start planting them? I'm hoping to have lots and lots for my wedding day. I want to scent the air with them and pop'em in jamjars. Even my bouquet I would like just to be a small posy.Oo I hope it will work out
  • That sounds dreamy lula_sweetpea,

    oh even my beautiful dog is called Lulu (Not quite Lula)

    so we do seem to tick a lot of the same boxes.

    Oh kindred spirits......

    I have just popped my sweet pea seeds into their beds to sprout but won't be putting them out until the frosts have well and truly gone,

    Just a thought Lula_sweetpea, why don't you buy packets and packets of seeds for all your nearest and dearest.

    Im sure they would LOVE to help!

    It will be lovely harvesting them with cups of tea and a nice chat along the way.

    How funny , I've even asked all the little old ladies to save jam jars for me for Summer garden parties.

    The thought of tables dressed with swweet scented blooms and later with tea lights in jam jars scattered round the garden....

    So useful for homemade jams and chutney after that..

    I shall put my pinny away!

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