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have you seen this website?

Hi girls I thought I'd post this in here as it seems to suit the more unconventional bride! My friend sent me a link to this on

It has some fab little ideas and some great articles about more handmade style weddings. I have also found on etsy the present I'm going to by h2b to give him on our wedding day -a silver plectrum engraved with our wedding date on it -he is a very keen guitar player and plays lead in a band!

Hope this helps with any ideas!!



  • mrsj36mrsj36 Posts: 2,340
    bradowells - Etsy is where I saw a necklace/choker that I loved and got a friend to make for me - it's full of unusual and quirky things but I hadn't noticed the hand made wedding section. One of my aussie friends sells her sock monkeys on there!

    Fantastic idea of the plectrum - love it!x
  • bradowellsbradowells Posts: 694
    ooh sock monkeys sound fab!! My friend has a shop on there she sells handmade badges, little quirky toys and tshirts! Its really big in the US but not as heard of here which is a shame!
  • I'm stealing the plectrum idea for our chief bridesmaid (17 year old emo) - just what I didn't know I wanted!!
  • pinky541123pinky541123 Posts: 752
    bradowells - can you possibly give me a link to where you got the silver plectum from please? Been searching for perfect gift for my dad and that's IT!! Hope you don't mind me stealing your fantastic idea x
  • naterlee1naterlee1 Posts: 519
    Thanks bradowells! What a great site! I have just had a quick browse and straight away found a present for my bridesmaid to be! And bought it! let's hope I don't find something else in the meantime seeing as I still have 13 months to go.........
  • bradowellsbradowells Posts: 694
    ooh glad that some of you are finding it useful!!

    mrswaighttb try the below link -the prices are in dollars but the guy who makes them is in kent so you may be able to contact him and do it direct.

  • gindigindi Posts: 1,369
    He has a UK site too and says he takes commissions - it's I have also asked about the personalised silver plectrums; what a great idea! I also like the idea of getting our surnames made in silver as I am going to be double-barreled - what a sweet thing to have on the top table!

    Edited to say I just heard back from him (he was pelased to hear he'd been praised on a forum; he said every now and then the emails go crazy and he wonders what's happened!)

    I just haven't got around to putting some of the things I make onto my personal website, but they are available.

    In the UK they are priced as follows

    Plain Plectrum £26.00

    Plain Plectrum on a leather thong £29.50 Plectrum with personalized inscription. £ 31.50 Plectrum with personalized inscription, on a thong £35.00

    P&P in the UK is £2

    I can take credit cards over the phone, as I have a terminal in my shop, or you can pay via bank transfer.

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  • bradowellsbradowells Posts: 694
    wow thats a great price I wondered whether he could put them on a chain or something so h2b can wear it on the day!! When I get in touch with him i'll tell him it was me who praised him on here and tell him I want commission ha ha!!! I'm going to give him a call in a few weeks when I have some money!! xx
  • skhaskinsskhaskins Posts: 476
    ooh i LOVE etsy. i bought H2B a wedding present from there and have ordered my BM gifts as well
  • pinky541123pinky541123 Posts: 752
    I googled silver plectums while I was away - thank you for the link though! But I got one yesterday afternoon for about £20 which included engraving and p&p! If anyone is interested, the link is
  • Lula_sweetpeaLula_sweetpea Posts: 1,401
    Etsy is so fab! People are so clever.

    This is the link for London shops
  • I'm totally addicted to

    I check it everyday lol.
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