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help me ladies please??? desided

i am hoping you lot can help me. I am so indecisive and i would like to make some sort of discision about my wedding at some point in the near future. my wedding isnt until October 1st 2010, i have booked the church, i will be arriving by horse and carriage, we have a string quartet for the ceremony and the meal part, after the church we will be realesing some doves and then going to mine and h2bs favourite restaurant for the wedding breakfast and toasts and stuff. so far all quite traditional, elegant and pretty and so forht, for the evening reception we have hired the ballroom at a local hotel where we would like the theme to change. this is where i need the help

1 - fancy dress party with sweets as decorations and a chocolate fountain

2 - mask ball with actors dancing and running around and jesters etc. and fortune tellers/tarot readers

3 - alice in wonderland mad hatter tea party, with drink me eat me stuff, tea pots, actor as the charactors

4 - karaoke party with a kinda funky 80's theme, bright colours, kinda electro.

5 - bonfire with jacket potatos & roasting marshmellows and sky lanterns maybe fireworks (cancel the ballroom)

6 - something normal or any other ideas welcome

I just really want it to be a night to remember. any opinions welcome. thank you

erin xxxxx

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  • gindigindi Posts: 1,369
    Erin, I LOVE the idea of a mad hatter's tea party. I can just imagine something really colourful and fun... and at the risk of sounding really pedestrian, a lot like the film clip to the Girls Aloud song 'Can't Speak French' - where they're all in baroque type outfits and makeup and jumping all over the place. Not that I think you need to encourage your guests to jump and have food fights, but still...

    They are all such different ideas though! I also love the idea of a bonfire with fireworks and roasting marshmallows.
  • ang772ang772 Posts: 1,399
    I think the mad hatters teaparty,bonfire &masked ball all sound great.depends on your dress tho.if you are having big dress,masked ball would be ace! You dont want to be over dressed for a bonfire plus if H2b hires outfit it will stink of smoke?! Sorry i wasn't much help
  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    we are having a mad hatter's tea party for after the ceremony, before the meal, offering champagne from mismatched tea-pots in tea cups! we're using the venue's roof garden, and having white rabbit signs point people in the (wrong?!) direction. i love the idea, but i'm biased!

    some pointers about the others:

    1. LOVE fancy dress...but would guests need to change? not practical if so.

    2. unique! like it. and guests would only need a mask, not whole change of outfit. you could provide silly ones for those who forget.

    4. i love kareoke, but h2b said it wasn't practical as most of the guests wouldn't get up and sing. guess it depends on the people you're inviting!

    5. what if it rains? good point raised about the smoke, too! but it's a lovely idea!

    i would play with all the themes in your mind, look out for have a long time to plan something truely memorable! which also means you could potentially take on something pretty dramatic as you have so long to organise! how exciting!!
  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    the more i think about it, the more i love the masquerade idea!

    very italian of love!

    you could splurge on something really unique and wonderful. hey, book a trip to venice in the meantime and pick out the perfect one! any excuse, eh?!

  • Mad Hatter's Party sounds like lots of fun - especially if you're hiring actors etc. I would be most impressed if I went to a wedding and they'd arranged something like that.

    However a Masked Ball would be perfect for a hired ballroom and sounds like lots of fun too.
  • nikolinauknikolinauk Posts: 687
    I love the idea of the Mad Hatters Tea Party (ruthemily your rooftop soiree with champers in t cups sounds fab!)

    I am having a masked ball on the eve of the wedding - the idea being that me and bert can party together without seeing eachother before the wedding! So I like this idea too.

    Perhaps the masked ball is the better idea for an evening do? x
  • RandomBunnyukRandomBunnyuk Posts: 2,096
    Masked ball is the one I'd choose. Which do you like the idea of most? Which fills you with real excitement each time you mention it, or get's you inspired the most with ideas? Which one just seems 'nice' to you, or fun but not inspiring? That's the way to cut down your list.
  • mintkittyukmintkittyuk Posts: 900
    thats a really good way of putting it mrs randombunny, i think i just need to make a list of what i like about each idea and make some sort of discision. the only problem i see is what music could i have for them.

    erin xxx
  • mintkittyukmintkittyuk Posts: 900
    thank you for all your comments and after much thought i have desided to go with a mixture of my ideas. lol. I am going to have a 80's tribute band perform and between sets i am going to have a karaoke dj. not sure how to decorate yet but we will have all the sweets and the chocolate fountain, maybe i can put some tea pots about the place for good measure and force people to wear masks, lol. and at the end of the night we will go outside and release some sky lanterns at the park accross the road. what do you think?

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