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Burlesque\cabaret hen night?

Does anyone know where i could go in scotland or north england to do this?i dont want classes i would like to go and watch a show?!is this possible?thanks in advance x


  • divingdaisydivingdaisy Posts: 106
    Hi Ang772

    There's Club Noir in Glasgow......I've never been, but would love to go! And have lessons, although i'm not sure how MIL2B would like that if i had it as a hen do!!! There's probably places in Edin, too. Depends where/how far you want to travel, I guess.

    Hope this helps!

    Oops - system error due to erotic stuff - basically the website is
  • I was going to suggest Club Noir too. Also there is Burlesqueapades in Edinburgh. I want to do something similar for my hen night.

    Also it depends when your hen night will be - if it's during the festival then there's always lots of Burlesque/Cabaret on.
  • ang772ang772 Posts: 1,399
    Hen do will be nov\dec. I think i might have to have 2 hen do's?!one for my friends&my mum but doubt mil2b or granny s would enjoy burlesque.think will just have nice afternoon tea for them. Thanks for your help
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