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Flower advice for my RED dress

[sorry for repeat post - put this on planning as well]

I need some flower advice please!

I'm wearing a red Candy Anthony dress with red shoes and a black sash. It's a registry office wedding so I don't want a big bouquet. I was thinking along the lines a small posy of red gerberas. I like them because they're such simple, pretty flowers. In addition to this the reception venue is very black and white so I think single gerberas will look great on the tables.

Do you think having a red posy will be too, well, red? Should I mix it with anything else? Also, there's a flower shop in he station I use every day for work and whenever I look, their red gerberas always seem on the orange side. Do I risk clashing if I go for red???

Can't believe I'm getting so confused over something so simple!



  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    do you definitely want real flowers? some nice black artificial ones may go well with the sash? then again, they may be a bit morbid looking. i don't know!

    i think you should go with red gerberas if you want red gerberas! or maybe a mix of red flowers so the tones are all slightly different anyway and it wouldn't look like it was accidental. you could get the bouquet tied in black ribbon.
  • RandomBunnyukRandomBunnyuk Posts: 2,096
    how about red flowers with black feathers coming out of it?

    I dont think a red bouquet would be too much.
  • RandomBunnyukRandomBunnyuk Posts: 2,096
    oops - double post

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  • Claire07ukClaire07uk Posts: 3,482
    What about mixing some gypsophila in with the red gerberas? That way you still get the simplicity of the gerberas, but the white of the gypsophila will break up all the red a wee bit, and it won't matter so much if the reds are different tones.

    Have you spoken to a florist yet? You could always take along a swatch of material from your dress and I'm sure they'd be able to advise you.

    Good luck! I love Candy Anthony dresses!
  • bean_motherbean_mother Posts: 161
    Liking your thinking about tying the flowers with a black ribbon ruthemily!
  • MerrenukMerrenuk Posts: 13
    Or you could go with a crystal bouquet?
  • futureMrsLeefutureMrsLee Posts: 1,872
    Oh I'd have sumptious red flowers with glossy leaves ( foliage) Tied up with a big bow

    Have you thought about tulips, v.young and fresh looking
  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    have a look at

    they have some wonderful ideas.
  • 4brillkids4brillkids Posts: 661
    ive got a red dress and too had a bnightmare with flowers so iv gone for a crystal bouquet (my avator) and it looks fab x
  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    in the headpiece section of that link i posted, there's a black gerbera and feather fascinator. it'd be fab with your outfit!
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