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Flowers forum???

Seeing as flowers are usually a BIG and EXPENSIVE part of a wedding, do you think they should have their own forum? It'd be a great help to us!

Thanks, PinkNic


  • Devon_MummyDevon_Mummy Posts: 211
    i think this would be cool too! Would be great to have someowhere where people can post ideas for their bouquets etc
  • kazd12kazd12 Posts: 48
    whilst looking into ordering flowers (didnt want fresh, not going to be able to appreciate them, due to honeymoon).

    i have come across a seller on ebay

    her flowers are amazing, shes more than happy to do designs especially for you. I have now placed two seperate orders with this sellers, the first time the order was here the next morning, on the second occasion i paid for them on the thurs, early monday morning they arrived.

    her prices are very reasonable too.

    by the way im not related to this lady, just thought i'd share this wonderful seller with you.
  • OOH NOT SILK FLOWERS thats 2 scary its got to be real unless your over 50 thats the rule. flowers forum great i got my florist thro rec abs brill and free champagne
  • PinkNicPinkNic Posts: 856
    sparkleygirl - that comment is a little rude. If kazd12 (or anyone else for that matter) wants silk flowers then that's their decision, you may not agree with it, but it's their choice. Please don't leave insulting posts, there's no need for it.
  • kazd12kazd12 Posts: 48
    Thankyou pinknic ~ you are correct in stating that it my choice of what type of flowers i want for my wedding. personally i wanted to take full advantage of having them on my special day, by the time we return from our honeymoon~any fresh flowers would have died. however i can keep my flowers as a keepsake.

    sparkleygirl ~ scarey, how do you know you havent seen my flowers. At the end of the day im more than happy with them, and thats what matters.

    A free bottle of champagne, wow how amazing!!! Personally i dont drink, once again thats my personal choice.

    anyway hope you have a nice wedding. i know i will!!!
  • kazd12kazd12 Posts: 48
    oh by the way i'm not over 50.

  • charlie_27ukcharlie_27uk Posts: 237
    Brilliant idea! Currently searching for flowers at the moment, and its hard to now where to start.

    a forum for this would be really helpful!
  • PinkNicPinkNic Posts: 856
    WebEd - any updates / replies for our request?!!! image
  • I think a flower forum would be great too- I love them!

    My wedding is in December so I found flower shopping really difficult at first, happily sorted now though but would be much easier to find advice if it had a specific forum on here. Great idea Pinknic!
  • LampiekatLampiekat Posts: 3,527
    A flower forum would be great, my head is pounding looking up flowers
  • mrsloopyloumrsloopylou Posts: 1,246
    Im a florist and recently married, if i can help or give advice to anyone plz feel free to ask

    Helen xxx
  • PinkNicPinkNic Posts: 856
    Thanks Helen, that's really nice of you. I'll think up all my questions and get back to you...:\)
  • Please Webmaster....We need a Forum dedicated to flowers.

    This is a topic worthy of its own forum as it doesn't sit neatly within ceremony, reception or wedding fashion but rather all 3...and more!

    PLease, please please..... a Flower Forum xxx Gill
  • PinkNicPinkNic Posts: 856
  • Ive started to do a few from home and need somewhere to show them off, a forum would be great

    Helen xx
  • PinkNicPinkNic Posts: 856
  • hi, we do need a flowers forum, because like everyone else has said, they deserve a forum to thereselves. b2b have so much to say and to ask about flowers that we easily fill up a forum with ideas, questions, opinions and general chat about flowers.

    so please give us a flower forum!!!!!!!!!!

    kirsty x
  • PinkNicPinkNic Posts: 856

    FAO - WEBED!!!!!
  • Hi everyone

    Sorry I must have missed this thread when it was first posted

    When we think about redeveloping the site, we will keep all your ideas in mind, especially all of those fab ideas about the chatroom.

    For now though, how about using the Receptions section of the chatroom to discuss flowers and themes?

    Many thanks

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