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Looking for a DJ

This guy is awesome.Book him for your wedding entertainment and your guests will still be talking about it after your honeymoon.He is a dj with a difference he plays all the right music and also sings .He has an amazing voice.His website is


  • I get an error on when clicking on the link tillyxxx................
  • mrsloopyloumrsloopylou Posts: 1,246
    I had this guy, hes brill, not a clue why website is down, try again later maybe

    Hi there

    i hope you dont mind me asking was he very expensive as i am not sure what i should be paying for a DJ.
  • mrsloopyloumrsloopylou Posts: 1,246
    I paid £400 , which to some people is alot, but it was for the whole evening and as much live singing as you want, i know friends of mine who have had a disco and live act and cost alot more, everyone who was there said he was worth every penny, its really a big part of the day and a crap dj will be remembered for ages and so will an empty dance floor !

  • mrsloopyloumrsloopylou Posts: 1,246
    He also does gigs you can go and have a look before u book him which is handy if you live in kent
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