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Please have a proper forum for competition winners. There are numerous threads asking who has won. You could have a specific forum and the comp winners for each month. Please!!!! Not that i actually have ever won anything but would be nice to have a proper place to find out xx


  • Hi Lisa2410

    Competition winners are always posted in the You & Your Wedding announcements forum!

    Many thanks

  • lisa2410lisa2410 Posts: 533 New bride
    Sorry webmaster, i must keep missing them. Is there recent one up?
  • Moomin-mamaMoomin-mama Posts: 693
    I always check to see, and the only one that has been up for ages has been the mad march givaways one, i certainly have entered lots of competitions since then at least some of them must have closed by now?
  • lisa2410lisa2410 Posts: 533 New bride
    I have searched and searched and can't find competition winners from april onwards. I did find many posts ragarding competition winners not being announced though. Whats going on, we can't all be wrong?!
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