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Buying your wedding dress from america

Hi there.

I have tried on the Alfred Angelo 1136 dress-which i loved! i have heard that I could buy the dress from america for half the price the wedding dress shop were quoting me.

can anyone suggest a reliable website which they have used to buy a dress from america? or any websites who are to be avoided?

also any ideas on how much import duty would be?



  • ellie_jameellie_jame Posts: 100
    That sounds like a great idea! I hope you don't mind if I steal it - we are trying to keep our budget at an absolute minimum!

    I'm afraid I can't help you with the website question, but I do know that if the seller categorizes the parcel as a 'Gift', then there shouldn't be any extra duty etc. to pay. We often do this for my sister who lives in Canada, and it's happened when I've ordered goods from abroad before. Hope this helps!
  • boncieboncie Posts: 25
    I have used and they are very good. Loads of designers and very helpful staff. I bought a wedding dress and a bridesmaids dress. Good luck!
  • I've ordered my Alfred Angelo dress from Just Pretty in New York, and theybhave been brilliant so far. My dress isn't due until September, but lots of ladies on here have had their dresses from JP and they were perfect.

    On top of my dress being about 1/2 the price of what I would have paid here, Just Pretty are doing a special offer at the moment where you get a free bridesmaid dress (any one on their site) and free international delivery. Bargain!

    I have budgeted £120 for import tax for a £400 dress, but lots of girls on here have paid less than that because JP have put a lower price that the dress really cost on the customs form
  • Sorry, their website would help huh!
  • tangojotangojo Posts: 76 is about half price. I was wondering if anyone had used it?

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