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I got married in August last year and joined around a year before my wedding. the advice i received and ideas picked up were invaluable.

I still pop back on every now and then to look at new wedding reports and married section.

Alot of the time i view posts and have never responded to any of the threads that seem to get out of hand for one reason or another as i believe everyone is entitled to their opinion and sometimes emotions run high and comments are mis-interpreted

however, I came on here tonight and caught sight of a couple of comments from shellie-bellie that have angered me greatly. personal, nasty, malicious, hurtful and vindictive comments that are totally un-necessary.

I dont know what the history is nor do i care but i strongly belive that this person should be removed from the website immediately. i cannot understand how she is still posting.

Whoever you are, sad man at home masquerading as a bride or perhaps dis-gruntled bride to be - take your nasty, small minded comments and find something else to keep your tiny brain occupied.


  • pagettapagetta Posts: 398
    well said sparkler - i second thid PLEASE remove her comments they are disgusting
  • CharliesWifeCharliesWife Posts: 2,666
    Here here.
  • Hopes_MammyHopes_Mammy Posts: 5,839
    well said!!
  • Hi everyone

    As you know, we moderate the chatroom when posts are reported to us that break the chatroom rules.

    When reporting these posts, you should explain to us why exactly you feel these posts break the chatroom rules and we consider these matters carefully.

    We do understand that some people's opinions on the site have recently been upsetting others and we ask you to trust that we take these seriously and investigate them accordingly

    Many thanks

  • NonNon Posts: 495
    with all due respect i dont feel the comments i am refering to need any explanation as to why they break chatroom rules.
  • I agree sparkler, I am confused as to why these need to be explained! Blatant racism on the forum is definitely a breach of chatroom rules! Why can web ed not investigate these matters when so many people flag the messages as inappropriate?

    On a forum that does not allow volunteer moderators how can it expect us to moderate???????????? Sorry, just confused as I asked about volunteer mods a while back and now we're being told to say why these posts are so offensive.

  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    What is it with the power that web ed seem to want over the members? If you can't handle the forum, delegate to members who are here all the time. It is absolutely disgusting that those posts stayed published for so long - and that we must explain why they were offensive?

    Are you having a laugh?

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