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Please could the subject line of emails that notify us users when someone has posted on a thread we are interested be altered to include the title of the thread?

Having "Topic Subscription Notice at You & Your Wedding???????" about a hundred times in my inbox, but for maybe 5 or 6 threads is a huge amount to have to trawl through, I'd find it much easier if I could see which ones have been added to most, and delete 99% of the emails and just use the most recent as a link back to the topic. You see how many comments can get posted on popular topics, and I'm sure you're very aware of the hundreds of emails out that generates... now think of us poor folk who get all those emails and dont know what is in them all until we actually open them...

I just get very frustrated and tetchy at the lack of userfriendly emails (and bookmarking threads) that I get from YAYW... and end up deleting loads anyway without reading just to free up space! am I the only one that gets this??

I know when you start a thread its in the subject line, and I know its easily rectified / solved, could you be really kind and rename our subject lines to something like

"New post in XXXXXXXX at You and Your Wedding" (replace the bold X with the name of the post...

I cannot see why this cannot be altered, or why it shouldnt be....

please please please?????

Laura x

[Modified by: laura217 on 12 August 2008 13:54:17 ]


  • Hi

    Thanks for this suggestion. When we develop the site further and talk about making changes, this is one which we will consider.

    We appreciate all your suggestions and take your opinions on board

    Many thanks

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