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Hi, not sure where to put this but my fiance and I have lived together for three years now and already have everything for the home that we need. What we need most is just money! 'You & Your Wedding' had this offer of a credit card people could gift cash onto for us, as our gift registry, in an issue from last summer, but we only got around to really planning the wedding recently so I've just now tried following the advertised link and it says it's an invalid address now - so I did a search for the concept online and on this site and it seems to have vanished, so I'm assuming it's no longer in existence?

Does anyone have any suggestions for similar things? I don't know how to go about asking people to gift us cash.


  • ems111ems111 Posts: 1,076
    Try Ive written a few posts about it on here, because i think its just great. It was exactly what we were looking for and pretty cheap too. What it is is an online list, where you can add anything you want. So you could ask just for cash for your honeymoon or be more specific and say for the new bathroom or for massages the day after the wedding. You can also add some more traditional items, that some people may prefer to buy you, like a nice vase or photo frame.

    Then what happens is that people can deposit the money for the item on line or they can reserve it and go and get it in the shop themselves to give to you on the day, but you can set your preference for this. The company take 1.5% which works out to be £15 in every £1000, which i think is not bad considering take 9%!!!!


    you could put in a money poem, which you should search for on the site.

    Good luck, Em
  • oh thanks so much, those poems were so funny, i think i'm going to do one of those.
  • colsarcolsar Posts: 6
    why don't you try You can ask guests to contribute towards a honeymoon of a lifetime and all money goes direct to you through paypal, cash or cheque.

    You can compile a list of whatever you want limo to the airport, champagne on arrival, hotel, flights, day trips - anything you like.

    Its comission free and very easy to use.

    Thats what we have done and its fab.

    Take a look

    sarah x

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  • Hi, we got married in May and found the same issue as you when it came to the gift list. We put a note in our invitations explaining that we were lucky enough to have everything we need for our house but we were saving up for a safari holiday, if anyone wanted to help us out! We had 80 guests and probably only about 5 presents, so no-one seemed to feel uncomfortable about giving us money. You just have to word it very carefully! The poems are good!
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