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Great photographer

Hi, i got married on 24th May 2008 and just wanted to recommend my photographer. He was brilliant, everyone loved him and they still talk about him now! His style is very informal, but with opportunity for 'group' photos should you wish. I got married in Farnham, Surrey, but i think he works further afield. His website is If you are looking for a photographer, you should take a look, he took so many great photos we had a hard time choosing!!


  • jayand1jayand1 Posts: 133
    Hello Lily

    Can I please add this recomendation to my wedding review site please?

    It's designed to give brides/grooms out there first hand knowledge and honest reviews of contacts and services they have used for their own wedding and their experience of that persons/company.

    Its not a business so can't afford advertising but not allowed to use the forums either so hard getting people to submit reviews

    Can I please add this??


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