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I know that your magazine is aimed at getting people to buy it but time and time again I pick it up to read the "real weddings" section only to find that every single one of them is a 15 grand budget smasher. A lot of people don't want to spend a fortune on their weddings but still want to have a good one. I know that you put features in for budget brides but if I read "get guests to eat the cake to save on desserts" one more time I think I am going to scream! What about a special on budget weddings? Talk to real brides about real budget problems. Do an article on "Ebay Weddings". What about one on people who buy wedding dresses from the States? Is this a good idea and what are the pitfalls? and so on. I read your magazine and I feel as if my stomach has fallen out. I see all of this beautiful stuff and think oh that looks cheap and then discover that the only reason it isn't extortionate is because the bride didn;t have to hire a venue cos her parents have a garden the size of my home town. Look at the wedding budget forum and you will see the large amount of people who agree with me. Not everyone has a trust fund, or wealthy parents/ fiances/ or even a good head for finances and no debts. Some of us are trying to get married whilst keeping our heads above water!

Ryn Foster

Thought you should see this- the thread I started in the wedding budget forum

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