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A reasonable Suggestion

In an attempt of saving this website losing some of its lovely regulars, may i make a suggestion.

A system where the original poster can chose which replies are published on their thread or a way for the origianal poster to remove comments on the thread.

There is alot of cruelness and nastiness appearing on posts. This way rather then you waiting a few hours to remove a whole thread for one or two needless replies the original poster can remove them. Obviously only being able to remove posts on threads you have started. Any actual threads started by trolls, will still be upto you to remove.

Please restore my faith in this website and you guys, because at the moment, its getting intollerable!


  • traciguktraciguk Posts: 843
  • Lilith1980Lilith1980 Posts: 1,227
    I agree, or the website moderators should have powers to delete posts they deem to be inappropriate. I dont know if they have these powers already or if they're are enough mods to be covering this.

  • Surely this wouldn't really work though, people could just remove other people's posts for no good reason. Is it not a bit 1984? I don't see the problem with reporting the offensive posts x
  • ScottEasbyScottEasby Posts: 1,271
    I think the moderators need to be much more proactive and on the ball. i appreciate that this is a very busy site, in which case there should be more of them. Some threads get out of hand and way off topic for too long and there has been some awful slanging matches going on. More moderators please and more proactive. I would like to see you step in a bit more!
  • goneawaygoneaway Posts: 1,676 New bride
    I heartily agree with your suggestion, Bride to be Button. It can take far too long for posts to be removed, and some posts remain which are clearly distressing to the OP but which don't quite breach forum rules. The only sensible solution is for people to be able to delete or block posts which appear on threads they have started and which are distressing, rude, or mean.
  • MonkeysBrideMonkeysBride Posts: 2,013
    even if the orginal poster could hide the offending response until a moderator can check it.

    You'd only be allowed to hide those on threads you've started, To be honest if people hide replies just because they don't like the person, then more fook them.

    The mods aren't able to do 24hr or even weekend moderations but this could stop alot of weekend madness!
  • Hear Hear Bride to Be Button
  • ruthemilyruthemily Posts: 13,622
    Personally, I think a more appropriate idea would be to have moderators amongst the members. I find it crazy that this doesn't exist here, especially given how many members there are. Yes, you'd hope it wouldn't be necessary, but there is so much immaturity on this site that I reckon it's necessary.
  • Maybe some people should just learn to ignore the comments! It's only because people respond that it gets so out of hand (with a few exceptions) I'm not saying we should have to put up with these comments, I'm just saying that these immature people will soon get board, at the end of the day this website is for adults.

    We should be asking for more moderators if anything as it takes them far to long to sort anything out!

    But I do honestly think if no-one answered them and just reported them it wouldn't get as bad as it does!

    Sorry for the rant x
  • P4TDP4TD Posts: 2,487
    I already suggested this ages ago and was told by the 'powers that be' that it's not possible to remove other people's posts on your threads (or indeed remove your own posts) due to legal reasons (??!!!).

    Seems a bit stupid to me. Never mind the trolls - now that I'm married there's many of my bridezilla posts I'd like to delete - I even sent an email to the webeds asking them to do it and they said they can't image

    By the way, I also think it'd be a good idea (completely unrelated to this!) for them to make a preview feature on the forums. On another forum I use, if you hover your mouse over the topic name, a little box pops up showing you the first few lines of the post, so you can see what it is about without having to click on it. It's a real time saver!

  • hzgreenhzgreen Posts: 512
    I'm with ruthemily

  • I totally agree. It would stop the trolls upsetting people here hereimage
  • PikelettePikelette Posts: 1,096
    You get trolls and eejits on every forum on the internet and the simple rule is "Don't Feed Them" since they'll only cause grief if they think they are getting the attention they crave.

    But the best way to cause serious grief is to introduce a system where random individuals can moderate topics every time they don't like the advice they've been given! For starters this produces inquests and inquests are always very nasty indeed. Thus this system won't make the forum a nicer place but it would make it a place where complaints about deleted posts become the biggest issues of the day.
  • Hi Everyone

    Pikelet is spot on, feeding them will get the reaction they are after - please try and ignore any comments that are made out of malice

    In the meantime, you are all doing a fab job in reporting posts to me that break that chatroom rules

    Many thanks

  • katherine-pkatherine-p Posts: 2,947
    How about being able to close your own topic to new posts. I've seen one or two that keep being dredged back up again. It would also help if trolling became a problem on a thread.
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