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Ads being displayed whilst you're trying to read a report!

Why is this and why can't they be minimised!


  • Glad someone asked this - its so frustrating when you're trying to read something and there's a huge ad in the way.

    Is there no other way it can be placed elsewhere or as k4ti3 said - be minimised?
  • Drives me bloody mental - AND makes me deliberately boycott whatever it is the ad is trying to sell!
  • It always seems to be the diet one for me. Is someone trying to secretly tell me something??
  • hannahjexhannahjex Posts: 1,396
    Yep, it's always the diet one for me as well; drives me mad! I have been known to copy what was written and paste it in word just so I can read it without the ad in the way!
  • cazzywoocazzywoo Posts: 2,002
    Dont know if this will help but what I do is right-click on the ad that is in the way, it will bring up a list of options and one of them is to "block all images" or words to that effect. If you select that it gets rid of the ad so you can read the post underneath it! It doesnt work for all ads but it does for most of them! xxxx
  • oooh cassywoo that;'s a great little tip . Thank you xx
  • biliboibiliboi Posts: 1,377
  • please sort this web ed image
  • Try using Firefox rather than Internet Explorer - it has a really good ad blocking system, although it still doesn't appear to get rid of the ads for slimming patches and wedding venues on Facebook
  • yep that diet ad. well annoying.
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