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North East Choirs

Hi Im getting married Dec 09 and am looking for a choir ideally based in the North East, can anyone help with suggestions????


  • kimdunckimdunc Posts: 63
    Where abouts are you, i've just got married and had a choir at my wedding and they are absolutely fantastic, my mum actually sings in it, but didn't on my day. they are doing a concert on saturday night if you want to hear them and i could show you the photos of them at my wedding


  • Hi

    That sounds great, the Wedding is in Bamburgh, Northumberland?
  • chess4chess4 Posts: 1,831
    Have you tried contacting Durham Univeristy Music Dept? I was at uni there and sang at several weddings in and around Durham (think I went to Bamburgh once we certainly went to Lindisfarne). Or Newcastle Uni (don't want to be seen as favouritist!).
  • Thanks will give it a try
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