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The National Wedding competion to win a honeymoon in Granada

Hi, I went to the National Wedding show at earls court on Friday 26th September. I entered into a competition to win a honeymoon to Granada. They said that our pictures will be uploaded and people can vote. Does anyone know how to do this please?



  • No I have been trying though!
  • Hi Maze and kmartin81 - I don't want to appear to burst your bubble or ruin any hopes, but I just wanted to warn you about these comps; I entered the photo comp from February's national wedding show and worked really hard to encourage people to vote for me (voting went on for almost 3 months), I finished with the 3rd highest amount of votes!! I received an email from YAYW to confirm that I was a finalist and to advise what was required to complete the final stage of the comp, which was to say, in no more than 50 words, why the honeymoon would be perfect for us. Again I worked really hard to submit something that would catch the judges eye - the closing date for the comp came and went, and the only person that had been contact by YAYW was the winner - the remaining 14 finalists, to this day, have not been contacted to advise that they were unlucky!!! I am deeply upset, and disappointed by YAYW that they did not have the decency or courtesy to advise us that we had not won the competition, especially after all the hard work that many of us put into it; we weren't even given a runners up prize for being finalists image !!! Please do not think that I am a bad loser, I'm just disheartened by the way we were treated - if you look way back at topics in May09 brides, you can see the following that I had with my fellow brides, and the hard work that they also put into the comp on my behalf!!

    If you wish to pursue with the competition, I wish you all the luck in the world - you may be luckier than me, but I just felt that I had to warn you!!

    By the way, your pictures will be automatically uploaded to the site, tho don't know when voting commences as I did not bother entering this time round! Once they are uploaded, you should either be able to enter your name in the search, or view via the 'your galleries' option on the pink site index above.

    Good luck girls ...

  • If you cannot find your photos, please email me at [email protected] and I will be able to help

    Many thanks and good luck

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