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new york themed wedding.

i need some web sites to help me plan my new york themed wedding.

plaese help.


  • Car hire..... They have a 1960's yellow cab!

    Just found this too...Should be a help for you!

    We are having New York sights as the names for our tables as thats where we got engaged.

    I'll keep looking and thinking to see if I can help anymore


  • Hi,

    Company called hire Swarovski Crystal Tree Centrepieces. Big Hit currently in the US. Hope this helps. Have seen them myself in personally and can honestly say that the pics dont give it any justice. They are amazing xx
  • SmooshukSmooshuk Posts: 150
    Our theme is more 1950s New York, but we're having fur stoles for me and the bridesmaids, black, white and silver as a colour scheme and a pianist and grand piano playing all the old tunes! Our tables are named after NYC places because we're going there on honeymoon!
  • Sounds fantastic! If I think of anything else, I will let you know xx
  • Have you looked a an NYC tourism website, might give you some ideas! found this online, to give you ideas! also try they have a nyc party section.
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