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wedding videographers

hi there,

can anyone recommend any good but reasonably priced wedding vidoegraphers in the east london/essex area?

ideally we want to pay up to £700 but all the ones i've looked at so far are way over £1,000.

jo xx:\?


  • snaggsuksnaggsuk Posts: 533
    Hi Jo

    We've booked this guy :

    His website doesn't look that great but he is a really nice guy. He done my cousins wedding a few years ago and the video was lovely.

    He charges £845 for whole day. Getting ready to first dance. I think you can save £100 if you don't have him there while you are getting ready.

    I had exactly the same problem as you though, I can't believe how much some companies charge!

    He'll come round to your house and have a chat with you and show you some wedding videos he has done.

  • joivesjoives Posts: 28
    aaaaaaaah great thank you so much i'll check him out!

  • snaggsuksnaggsuk Posts: 533
    Let me know how you get on, x
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