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Suppliers used

Hunting high and low on this forum for reviews on suppliers to use for my wedding day.

I love the forum and have made contact with so many nice brides to be its fantastic but I decided to put a website together to help B2B with planning and now need help.

I am a bride to be getting married in June next year I had a few problems with my first venue and following bad service decided to setup a wedding reviews site

It's designed to give brides/grooms out there first hand knowledge and honest reviews of contacts and services they have used for their own wedding and their experience of that persons/company.

So if anyone reading this or you know may have a good or bad supplier they want to make others aware of to help with their planning can you please consider going onto the site and writing up their reviews.

If you want the website email me as I get banded from the forum if I mention the address!!!!
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