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sharing wedding photos


I am wondering if anyone can help me at all?

I want to set up a site or webpage somewhere where all my friends and family can downloads there own pictures taken from our day so we can share them and see everyones different pictures!

Obviously we will have the professional ones taken by the photographer, but everyone else will have so many different and fun photos that we want to be able to share.

Is there anything that I can set up online that everyone will be able to log into and download & share photos?

Any help greatly appreciated - otherwise my only other option is to buy a load of discs to give out on the day???

Thanks x :\?


  • clarekellclarekell Posts: 6,666
    We are opening up a photobox account


    email : [email protected]

    password : wedding270509

    Printing details onto businesscards from Vistaprint ( free - on offer) Leaving on tables at the wedding and sending in invitations too

    That way they can all upload the pics to a website that we all have access to!

    Hope this helps!

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