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Meeting up in Epsom!

Hello everyone!

I have recently moved down to Epsom, Surrey and I was wondering if there are any 'You and Your Wedding' brides to be living in this area who would be interested in meeting up for a wee coffee and a chat!

One thing is for sure we would have something in common to talk about because once you get me started on the wedding there is no stopping me and I love hearing everyone elses ideas.

So if you are interested just drop me a wee message and I will be happy to arrange something! Just thought it would be an ideal way to meet new people!

Speak soon,

Luv Amandaimage


  • Hi!

    I used to work in Epsom but they transferred me a few months ago, isn't too far from where I live (Carshalton, Surrey).

    How are you finding it? Where did you move from?

    Donna x
  • Hi Donna,

    Nice to meet you (sort of)!

    I am loving living down here, one thing is for sure the weather is ten times better!

    It is a pretty small world because I actually work in Carshalton, even though I live in Epsom! What is it you work as?

    I moved from a place called Motherwell which is inbetween Glasgow and Edinburgh. I am getting married next september although I wish it was sooner as I am pretty much ready to rock and roll!

    What about you?
  • Hi Amanda!

    We're getting married in May, just over 6 months away! So scary, it has come round so soon.

    I work for HSBC, opening accounts and things in a branch - it isn't my dream job but pays the bills! What about you? What do you do in sunny Carshalton!?

    How come you moved so far? It must be such a change. I've lived round here my whole life, can't imagine moving so far!

    D x
  • Hi everyone

    Im fairly new to this site im currently in the process of moving to Carshalton seems very nice. Have alway liked Epsom by the Downs. Im getting married in May as well.
  • I work in a Children's Centre at RoseHill looking after the lovely two year old children! I moved down here because my Fiance got a new job and it seemed like a fab opportunity. We are having a brill time but I must admit it is making life a wee bit hard when trying to organise a wedding for up in Scotland AND I am going to be a Bridesmaid in Feb too so I am up and down to Scotland like a yo-yo at the moment!

    I am missing my friends and family though and at 28 it's not the easiest thing in the world to do making new friends at this stage in life but I will get there, that's why I had this little brain wave and look... two people have popped up already!

    How about you 'Wedding Fun'! If you are moving to Carshalton where are you moving from?
  • Hello

    I am currenly moving from Carshalton to Wallington (into H2b's house) but work in Carshalton and Epsom (at the hospitals).

    Also getting married in May!
  • Hello lightweight! Nice to meet you! I tell you, I have a laugh at all these names that people log in as! I used to log into Weight Watchers as Pearshape!! Ha Ha!! Where abouts are you getting married??

    Are you having a big event? How many bridesmaids etc. etc. Tell me all!!image
  • Hey!

    Wow so many local girlies! Carshalton must be the place to be!

    What date in May are you getting married?

    D x
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