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I'm starting a petition to get the Ed's to allow us to block people we do not wish to assosciate (sp?) with. I think, though this would not stop the Troll problem completly, it would help us to nip them in the bud quickly! Please put your name below if you agree



  • My Name Is Naomi And I Think We Need A Block Button
  • i agree !
  • Great idea!

    I would like the idea of creating a friends list too!
  • me 2 image x
  • great idea! im def with you on this one.

  • BlaydeBlayde Posts: 808
    Definately agree with this
  • I'm loving the idea of a friends list, been thinking the same myself
  • MistyxxMistyxx Posts: 1,679
    I agree too x
  • I do agree but have no idea how this would work image sorry technophobe is my middle name.

    friends list def sounds good cos i have a brain like a sieve and keep forgetting peoples names.


  • bump! xx
  • Do you mean blocking certain people from replying to your threads? To be honest - we shouldn't need one if the moderators were on top of trolls.

    To be honest I think its too easily used for wrong reasons. If we've got the button then trolls have the button too - so you can't reply when they make awfull comments about you or me or others.

  • no rabbit hun, more for people who are beeing abusive, basically anyone can post on a topic but if they are upsetting someone in particular then that person can stop them from contacting them and they'll no longer see their message
  • Thats ok in that case - I reckon some of the more contentious posts will be considerably shorter though! image

    In that case.

    My Name is (not really) RabbitRabbit and I'm voting for a block button.
  • EmmiiBEmmiiB Posts: 280
    i agree too x
  • MrsHumpsMrsHumps Posts: 218
    Im new to all this, think im naive, are there really horrible witches on here?? id be gutted if someone was horrid about any of my wedding ideas. So i guess I agree too. Im happy for everyone planning their wedding its the most exciting/stressful/important time of their lives, and I think its brilliant knowing all you girlies are on here to lend an ear/ideas and comments. Cant believe theres people on here wanting to put people down :\(
  • mrshelen74mrshelen74 Posts: 9,282
    yep i totally and utterly AGREE
  • I totally agree too
  • verlieukverlieuk Posts: 1,328
    Agree, agree, agree, agree
  • MrsPC2BMrsPC2B Posts: 634
    I agree

  • dejoycerdejoycer Posts: 1,605
    I agree also but like on the website suggestions page (in announcements) it will be ignored!
  • Agreed from me too ! xx
  • Get-RealGet-Real Posts: 814
    Ummm, I think I would always prefer to see what others are writing about me especially if others can see the comments and know you are on-line. Also, I actually think that most people like the trolls and get excited when one appears hence why a normal thread gets 5 responses and a troll thread gets 100+ responses hence I can't imagine many others using the troll button.

    Saying that I don't suppose it will do any harm especially since it appears you were abused recently but I must admit I can't see how it would work in practice.

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