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FAO Web Ed-YAYW Ball/Big Party/Or Meet up sponsored by YAYW?

Hi Web Ed

I know this has probably been asked before but due to hearing positive feedback from a friend who suggested this to the Moderators on another wedding forum I thought I would ask away anyway.

I wonder what the possibility might be of YAYW sponsoring or arranging a venue to hold a 'Big YAYW Users Ball/Party' on a National scale. Users could be invited to buy tickets to attend the event which would of course cover any costs to yourselves for hiring a venue, entertainment etc.

We arrange meet ups ourselves on regional scales but we never really seem to be offered the chance to do anything which YAYW has coffed up for....I am sure many of the regular users and contributors to the forums would be up for this kind of thing and I think it would also help you to show just how grateful you are to your users and contributors for sticking with YAYW and we all know how a lot of the threads we take part in on the site all add to some of the content within the magazine too!

Personally I think it would be a great way for you to retain users as well as attract potential new ones.

Would be interested to hear what your thoughts are...especially after all the conrtoversy on the fourms as of late.

Many thanks

Mrs Heenan


  • RhubarbulousRhubarbulous Posts: 1,989
    Oh yes please! Any excuse to buy a ball dress. Or perhaps we could all wear our wedding dresses like a bunch of crazy Miss Havishams! Think of the publicity!
  • Thanks tronski.....even if it was an annual thing I just think it would be nice to get a little something back! I know there are competitions and stuff on here but I mean I can count on one hand the amount of people that I know who have won anything...come on give us a partyyyyyyyyyyyyy!!! x
  • vixenvixvixenvix Posts: 1,638
    I think this would be a great idea!

    Please seriously consider this YAYW
  • tanroe09tanroe09 Posts: 4,121
    great idea. Party please mods!!

  • traciguktraciguk Posts: 843
    Worth a try,, Maybe they will agree to try and make things a bit better after all the rubbish going on lately.
  • They could even have a photographer attend and take pics and have a spread in the mag just to show how they look after their could be fantastic publicity!!!! x
  • apollobearapollobear Posts: 8,627
    Fabulous idea.

    I think a number of the ladies on here would love to attend a national event and would be more than happy to purchase tickets etc.

    Imagine the PR opportunities for Y&YW - they are endless.
  • DaddyorChipsDaddyorChips Posts: 9,196
    Mrs H it would be nice to do something like this with the help of YAYW
  • MrsG1986MrsG1986 Posts: 869
    Fab idea Mrs H! It might help drag YAYW's name out of the dirt a tad, encourage new members (nice ones) and perhaps gain a few prospective readers. Its a win-win situation for everyone image X
  • Quoted:
    Mrs H it would be nice to do something like this with the help of YAYW

    It sure would hun, there are a lot of people very loyal to YAYW and it would be great to have a bit of thanks and for them to know they are appreciated! x
  • aliwynnealiwynne Posts: 1,141
    im up for that totally!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  • LOVE IT!

    Can you imagine the photo captions?

    RIGHT: Forum regular StopDropNRoll enjoying a drink with the radiant apollobear. LEFT: MrsHoney hurling a jelly at Mrs Heenan.
  • MangalitzaMangalitza Posts: 5,871
    i think this is a great idea and one that could benefit y&yw and their advertisers greatly. it could be like a cross between a wedding show and bridal shower, allowing advertisers to market their products in a different, softer way.
  • Lol SDNR......Bottom Right: Mrs Heenan licks jelly off Mrs Honey's boobs!
  • 2011brideuk2011brideuk Posts: 2,156
    Great idea honey. I would be up for that. image

  • FAB idea!!!!!!!
  • blenkibooblenkiboo Posts: 761
    The dress code could be 'wear your wedding dress'!

    Would obvioulsy only apply to people who have already got married.

    Hmmmm......maybe not eh?! x
  • i'd definately be up for that!
  • me too!!! i haven't met up with anyone from here and it would be so nice to put names to faces!
  • Fantastic idea!xx
  • I would definatly be up for this!
  • apollobearapollobear Posts: 8,627
    LOVE IT!

    Can you imagine the photo captions?

    RIGHT: Forum regular StopDropNRoll enjoying a drink with the radiant apollobear. LEFT: MrsHoney hurling a jelly at Mrs Heenan.

    HaHa! This would be the clean pics - the rest would end up in FHM or something! ;\)

    P.S. I love the idea of being 'radiant'. I will aim for this look in future!

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  • lisaandmattlisaandmatt Posts: 3,216
    I'd be up for it! x
  • clareabellaclareabella Posts: 3,001
    I think that would be great!!!!
  • emmylou717emmylou717 Posts: 1,729
    Sounds like a fab idea. x x
  • MrsP-CMrsP-C Posts: 8,370
    great idea xx
  • shelldoddsshelldodds Posts: 2,679
    Good idea!!! image xxx
  • I think this is a superb idea - as said I have met others at "regional level " - have 2 new best friends in my little town because of this site (and our hubbys are mates with eachother now too!) - have been to 3 yayw weddings and another at the end of the year - and met some lovely lovely ladies. There are still plenty more to meet....

    Yayw peeps - please help others to have as much fun through yayw as I have had, and get us mingling in the flesh.

    C xxx
  • BRILL idea heeeeeny!!!!!!!!

  • Me too Charley, have made some fabulous friends on this site that I have met and it would be great for others to do the same.

    Thanks everyone for supporting this fingers crossed....and toes too!!! x
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