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Maggie Sottero/ maggie and midgley Dresses

Hi im completley new to this, just wanted to know if anyone has bought their maggie dress direct from the states? 9 as its a lot cheaper, just a bit worried. Tracy


  • I am in the middle of hunting for dresses and I am going to florida for my holidays in June next year and I am planning to go dress shopping over there as everything is cheaper. I'll let you know how i get on.
  • You could do this or find a deress shop here and ask when their Maggie trunk shows will be as you get the dress loads cheaper. Thats what I did x
  • I've been told by a couple of US retailers that any MS approved stockists are not allowed to ship internationally & if you do get one this way then it will not be a genuine Maggie. I know some get around this & will post to a US address who in turn can post it to you but you have to supply the person so you have to trust them obv. Also be wary of import taxes etc as I read on another thread by someone it only worked out £150 - 200 cheaper by ordering through the US & so preferred to do it through a UK retailer, at least you will be able to get help if they mess up the order (I know its very rare but my friends MS dress had a hole in when it arrived so they had to order another as a rush order - the bridal shop took care of it all for her).

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