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Picture Testing

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  • At last ... !!!
  • Well done Hyphen2b.

    I need to learn how to dao that too!!

    Is that your dress?? Its that it has no back.

  • Mrs2b2010

    Thanks for your comments, this was the first dress that I tried on and at the time it was 'the one'. Eight months later when it had arrived in the shop and a size too big, I had gone off it and had to buy another dress. So, if you know of anyone who wants to buy it, please get them to contact me ...

    With regards to the pictures, it really is simple (now that I've managed to do it!!).

    - Once you have selected your image, right click it. If at the bottom of this menu 'properties' appears select this option and then copy the full address.

    - Go back to the forum where you want to post and 'post reply'

    - Firstly select the 'img' button above. Make sure that your cursor is still placed after this (as it can sometimes jump about) and paste the address. Then select the 'img' button above again.

    - Then 'submit' your response.

    It seems that you can only put 2 images on per reply so if you have more pictures, you'll have to do separate replies.

    If you don't get the 'properties' option, some sites prevent copying.

    Hope it works ... !!!

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  • I can do it (only took me since July!)! WOOHOO
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