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For sale forum :\)

Hi Web Ed!

I was wondering if it would be anygood if you set up a forum for us to sell our items we no longer need hen we are married e.g. centre pieces, clothing, accessories etc etc? This may help get some cash to help pay off the wedding or towards something else :\)


  • deniseoukdeniseouk Posts: 1,920 New bride
    Hi also from Mrs Jackson 2b

    I think it's a great idea, after all it would help us and others who would be buying it x
  • ms_catms_cat Posts: 760
    fab idea!!
  • mrsmoore2bukmrsmoore2buk Posts: 372
    I think this is a fantastic idea ,go on web ed!
  • kellyanludkellyanlud Posts: 888
    See webEd we think it would be a great idea and a help to us brides to be and brides (who wanna get rid of some stuff).
  • March08BrideMarch08Bride Posts: 1,993
    I think its a great idea too so long as wedding folk of the world out there dont take advantage of it to advertise - purely for the use of newleyweds/'REAL' brides etc who no longer need their stuff!!!! x x x
  • beckyh0208beckyh0208 Posts: 267
    good idea but no advertisers just real brides!
  • lucysteanslucysteans Posts: 10
    This is a great idea I would be willing to buy from brides that are newly wed to save myself money due to the tight budget I have. DO IT!
  • BaxterukBaxteruk Posts: 3,373
    See Webed, I wasnt alone when i suggested this a month ago!!! I think its a fab idea too Mrs jackson to be!!!!
  • emdtemdt Posts: 612
    i think this is a good idea - maybe we could have a min no of posting ebfore we could sell but it would be nice to pass dress/cake stands etc onto fellow YYWers!!
  • ms_catms_cat Posts: 760
    i definitely think this is a goer!!

    there are alot of brides here working to a very small budget,and even those who have massive budgets may be open to saving some pennies on things you HAVE to have,but dont necessarily need to be brand spankers ie cake stands etc
  • camillamukcamillamuk Posts: 753
    Brilliant idea. Ive no idea what to do with 30 lanterns after our wedding. Maybe we could also include photos of them in use?

  • sheltylass32sheltylass32 Posts: 115
    this would be a fantastic thing to do, i live in the shetland isles and i rely mainly on online shopping, and when you are on a budget it would really help, c'mon give it a shot, you never know till you try:\):\):\)
  • faithukfaithuk Posts: 229
    this is a fab idea, they have on on the confetti site, so web ed you need to keep up with the competition!!
  • LOISLANE............ did u get someone to buy ur lanterns??? I am currently looking for some! Please contact me if you want to pass them on! Thanks S x

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  • nicola27uknicola27uk Posts: 2,325
    I think its a fab idea please please allow us - we can just report fakers and they can be blocked please please
  • I've put forward the suggestion to the powers that be and it's up to them. We'll need to look at the legalities of doing this and will come back once a decision has been taken.

    Kind regards,

    Carol WebMaster
  • BernieBukBernieBuk Posts: 20
    Love this idea!!....not just for after the wedding but possibly before as well. I keep buying things and then seeing other things i prefer. H2B is not spending is getting out of control!

    Please help webmaster....please?!?xxx
  • I think its a great idea
  • hiya all, just wondering if anyone has any things from there wedding they are willing to sell or hire me as im on a very tight budget as everyone else probably is

    My Hotmail account is [email protected]

    Thanx all xxx
  • kellyanludkellyanlud Posts: 888
    Hi Web Ed!

    Any more on the for sale forum? :\?
  • annieno1annieno1 Posts: 32
    this is a excellant idea!!!
  • ms_catms_cat Posts: 760
    please please please webed

    it really is a fab idea!!
  • Hey, I think that's a fab idea! I bought a 2nd hand Hollywood Dreams dress off of ebay when I first started planning my wedding but then found a different dress and have felt soooo bad about having such a lovely dress crammed into H2B's wardrobe (and he's even less pleased about it- LOL!). A For Sale forum would be perfect for that. I also have spare wedding invites/evening invites that I have no idea what to do with! x
  • banwabanwa Posts: 1,296
    Web ed, web master, anyone out there?
  • Brilliant idea....

    Still no Web Ed Response tut tut
  • mrsloopyloumrsloopylou Posts: 1,246
    Fantastic idea, i got married 5 weeks ago and still got lots of things to sell inc my dress, veil , cake toppers etc, so many brides buy things on line and are on a budget if we could help each save some money it would be great for both parties, buyer and seller, after all shouldnt we all be doing our bit for the enviroment, and recyling wedding things is a fab idea, ill keep an eye to see if the web ed lets us do this and then post all my things !!!!

    Helen xxx
  • carlyr25carlyr25 Posts: 170
    great idea other forums have one eg bounty (baby forum) so dont see why you couldnt do the same on here. x
  • Yes please!!!!
  • demelzabubdemelzabub Posts: 1,767
  • Just wondered whether this yayed or nayed? put a deposit down on a dress and have now realised was big mistake (was pressured into the sale). wondering whether i can advertise for someone to split the cost of the deposit if they like the dress so it doesnt feel like such a massive loss and they carry on with the purchase?? this forum seems like the most relevant place to explain my woe..
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