Bridal Jewellery.....


I'm on the search for my bridal jewellery at the moment...where did you get yours???

Just after some ideas really, and any good shops peeps could recommend??




  • Depends on the style of the dress and how much you want to spend really! I was lucky in that H2B had bought me diamond earrings for Xmas and a matching necklace for my birthday.

    My dress has a lot of embroidery on so would have probably gone for clear crystal/glass type jewellery or maybe pearls. Guess I'd look at Debenhams first for ideas and then try Swarovski or Lalique once I had an idea. Or borrow pearls from my mum.
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    i got mine from john richard at debenhams to go with some i already had, theyre also really reasonable
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    H2B's buying my jewelley as a surprise present for our wedding day. I know that knowing about it makes it less of a surprise but I won't know what it's like! I was worried that he wouldn't be able to match it to my dress but then I remembered that he has exquisite taste in jewellery so I needn't worry.
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    Oh Penguin... how romantic!!!! I think that is sssoooo lovely!

    I have found gorgeous diamante jewellery in Swarovski.... not bought it yet, but its to die for! I want something sparkley that looks real, but not over the top!! I think that the jewellery in Swarovski is fab!! I can't afford real diamonds, so they are the next best thing!!!!
  • Ladies you should visit (you have probably seen me post this before) the owner is Liz and she is great she makes her jewellery from swarovski pearls and crystals, her prices are great and you can modify her designs (if you wish) to suit your style.

    Take a look and let me know what you all think. I am having the curieuse tiara, necklace and cuff. My bridesmaids i am having the cluster necklace, bracelets and earrings made for them and then the flower girl will have the star wand (instead of flowers), then a pink and clear daisy necklace, bracelet and alice band.

    I am also having both our mum's necklace's made for the day.

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    Thanks girls for all the ideas...

    I just don't know what to go for to go with my dress, I'll just keep looking.

    Anymore websites or ideas..would still be greatfully received.....


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  • i got mine from john richard too at debenhams!!!

    they are really reasonably priced - especially if you get them in the blue cross sale!!!

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    hi PinkBridezilla...

    You with your ideas again...fantastic....may have to check out debenhams, as 25% off across the store today..

  • I know!!! Got LOADSA 'em haven't I!!!??? Just full of ideas me!!!

    God knows what I'll do when my wedding's all over and done!!!

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    Butler and Wilson do amazing costume jewellery. A lot of it is unbelieveably tacky and awful but a lot of the pearl items are gorgeous and ideal for a bride. Their website isn't up to much so I'd recommend you check out They sell out quickly though so check back often. Debbie I think that pearls would be lovely with a creamy dress - that's what I'm going for!
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    Thanks for all your help...

    Managed to get a beautiful necklace from Swarovski at Bluewater at the weekend.

    I tried it on and fell in love with it..It looks nicer on than off.

    It came with huge earings, but you and detach them and just wear the studs, which i think i will do, as with a tiara too can you imagine.

    here's a pic...

    What do you think??

    There wasn't any matching braclets so may keep and eye out for something to match..not too bothered if I don't find anything will probably sparkle enough.

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    80 days to my big day - just noticed!!!

    I've bought myself diamond earrings from Earnest jones as always wanted some!

    However I found the rest at a bridal fair but the supplier has a local market stall so will use it again. All the bridal shops wanted £80-100 for what I have bought for £25 from this lady.

    Just thought I'd let you know so that you don't discount the market traders. Bridal shops are such a major rip off.
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    It'll be lovely to see what you get....then I'll probably change my mind...I'm so indecisive.

    I went for the cystal as will also match my shoes and prob going to try and get a small sparkly bangle too. Then the hunt for a tiara, don't want it too look too much.

    Good luck on your hunt...

    Debs x

  • ask around the family, I have pearls from my sister, diamond earings from my mother and currently asking round for a bracelet, every one is chuffed to be asked and they all mean something. plus cheaper.
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