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Any Birmingham/Solihull brides??...

Hi Ladies,

I need help with bridal shops in the Birmingham area...I am going on my first dress shopping trip on Saturday and am very nervous, I am quite a big girl and dubious about sizes and the fact I may have to get my underwear out! Also am not on a very large budget...

Where are the best places to go? Obviously I am keen to avoid anywhere expensive and 'snobby'.

Have any of you been to Pure Courture on the coventry road, any shops in coleshill, any discount places like formal affair in Shirley or anywhere else on the Stratford Road??

Any information would be so very appreoiated,

Many Thanks,

Joy xxx


  • jacquelienejacqueliene Posts: 6,350
    hi hunny, im from brum

    iv been to pure courture on cov road and they wernt snobby at all, i think they make there on dresses so most are of there own desgin. there prices seemed ok but from wat i saw most of the samples were quite small. iv had my dress from white lace on coleshill high st, my mom had hers from there too. they are fab in there and make you feel really compfortable. they also do a pay monthly scheme to help with the budget and u only need to pay £50 deposit. the sample shop is just up the road too and they have some real bargains so its worth a look, they just didnt have wat i wanted. you have to make an appointment at white lace but not the sample shop x
  • claireydukclaireyduk Posts: 76

    I've been to a couple of shops with friends when they were looking for their dresses - Lesleys bridal wear in Olton was quite good, Brides of Solihull in Solihull town centre, they were quite helpful, even just to try the dresses on (my friends then ordered them from america and got a maggie sottero dress, shoes and veil thrown in for £500 - this is going back a few years now though) Platinum brides on the Robin hood island/stratford road were good too.

    I would personally avoid anywhere like Ivory Tower in Knowle as found the people in there very snooty towards us (had some nice dresses though, again tried them on rodered from elsewhere) and had been quite rude to another friend in the past.

    I found mine in Debenhams in Bham, I am also on a budget and got it for £200. I love my dress, but understand it's not for everybody! worth a look though, it's the designed for debenhams range so have designer names. I would say though, for all dresses it pays to try everything on. i ended up with one i would never ever have picked out for myself in a million years! tried it on to please mum and friend and it ended up being the one, and for a bargain!

    Generally I would say if you ask to try dresses on that are in your budget range, or try dresses on to get an idea of what shape etc suits you, you can with a bit of research source them from cheaper places, saving you money! I find this is a good place to ask people where to dfine bargains etc as everyone is really helpful!

    Hope this made sense, bit of a long one! x
  • sarah211276sarah211276 Posts: 164
    I would of said White Lace Coleshill too, didn't get mine from there but have few friends who did who can't recommend them enough. Got mine from Taffeta in Tamworth, michelle was fantastic, was worried like yourself as i'm size 22/24 but she was fantastic and dress was only £585 (budget for £2000). Maise Maxwell just off A38 at Heart of the Country craft centre, Lichfield, had amazing dress's too, slightly more expensive but beautiful. Good luck and hope you find one!!

    Sarah xx
  • pagettapagetta Posts: 398
    pantiles in henley in arden, and go bridal in birmingham (back of new street) were both FAB at the wedding show - don't know what they're like in the shops themselves but they have a great range of dresses, and my mum also got her MoB outfit from a nearby boutique in henley in arden!

    I found ivory tower ok but they were a bit 'salesy' in there if you know what i mean.

    there is one in hall green that had a sale on recently - can't for the life of me remember its name but it was advertisied on this site.

    Good luck and have fun! image
  • sammy84uksammy84uk Posts: 780
    hi im also in shirley/solihull and i WOULDNT go to brides and groom of shirley /solihull. and romantic in kenilworth as there a little snooty and there not for us bigger ladies

    i WOULD try- exclusive bridal in tysley, or if you dont mind a drive out id highly recommend hourglassbride in stony stratford.

    im having mine made by a lady iin acocks green and shes making my bm dresses, i must say i do love her work! if you want her details just email me x
  • ariesgirlukariesgirluk Posts: 965
    I'm a size 18-20 and I went to Lesley's bridalwear on Warwick Road in Olton. They were lovely and had loads of patience with me. They did have some bigger sample dresses to try on but some were smaller and they still managed to get me in them and clipped up so that I could see what the end result would be like with the correct size. They only see one bride at a time so you have their full attention and there's no need to worry about what you look like in your undies!! Their dresses range from around £500 upwards. Good luck Aries xx
  • ariesgirlukariesgirluk Posts: 965

    Now I've got my dress sorted I'm thinking about my bridesmaids dresses. I live in South Yardley and family live in Acocks Green so I am very interested in your dressmaker. Would you let me have her details please? Many thanks Aries xx
  • pooh-bearukpooh-bearuk Posts: 18
    Hi Joy, before i found my dress i must have visitied all the shops in bham,

    here my low- down.

    Pure couture- all size 10's and about £1000

    Beautiful dreamer- snotty and no appointments waiting for hours

    Silks- over £1300

    Wedding Belles- great, sizes 14/16 nice down to earth girls

    Ivory tower- very pushy

    lesley's- very nice, though didn't like the fact a heard she was selling her shop.

    White lace- girls are nice however owner not nice at all

    Kiss- lovely girls, nice dresses, mixed sizes, just a bit to far the travel

    Hope this helps

  • macabeymacabey Posts: 2,884
    Whatever you do, stay away from Go Bridal in B'ham city centre, snooty, rude, unhelpful and they made me cry.

    Good luck on your search
  • ljb09ljb09 Posts: 27
    try caroline jane in tamworth,looks oldy worldy and tiny from outside but have got loads to choose,have dresses in loads of sizes to try on,staff are all lovley,found my ideal dress there,im really worried about my dress(and my boob) staying up!,she explained they can sew cups into dress.i no two other people who are getting dresses from there,one found her dream dress today in a size 18 for £300 inc alterations for her wedding this july.Ive paid a £50 deposit for mine for 05/09/09 and can pay in bits and pieces or a final bill.
  • Hi All,

    Just bought my beautiful dress at Manor Park Brides in Castle Bromwich, Birmingham, They were fantastic and I got a bargain as my dress was in the sale........ So excited, highly recommended.

    We also went to White Lace in Coleshill, Oh My God! so fair enough I didn't think to make an appointment, But talk about a scene from pretty woman??? When the woman came to the door she didn't even speak, she just looked at us. When we went in, she asked us straight off what budget I was looking at, then went off to the back and sent someone else out!!!! I couldn't get my breath, None of the staff helpful at all. I certainly will not be recommending this shop to my friends thats for sure.

    Also Posh Frocks in Yardley were really nice too
  • Sammy84,

    Do you still have the details of your dressmaker please. I need one of my bridesmaids dresses shortened and would appreciate a recommendation xxx
  • Getting married is a magical, exciting time of your life. So when I left Brides of Solihull feeling rather deflated I was somewhat disappointed. I am extremely lucky to have a mother who puts me first in every situation and now that I am getting married in January she has done nothing but run around and help to organise everything for me. We set one day to look for her 'mother of the bride' outfit. One day to make her feel special and put her first. After checking a few different places online my mother decided that she would like to visit Brides of Solihull. We found the shop quite easily and from the outside it looked a lovely, welcoming establishment. We walked in and were quickly approached by a lady asking what we were looking for. We explained that we needed a mother of the bride outfit and she guided us through to the appropriate area. My mother advised what sort of thing she was looking for, however everything she said was ignored. I helped my mother find a few different dresses and proceeded to help her through to the changing room. The lady didn't offer any help in dressing my mother in fact she didn't help with anything at all. She stood back and proceeded to look down her nose and make snooty comments. It was apparent at this time that she was not interested in making this an enjoyable experience or helping my mother in any way. She was very clearly only interested in making a sale. My mother tried on many different dresses and the ladies told her that they all looked wonderful, a rather exaggerated reaction regardless of what they actually looked like. I stood back while my mother was dressing and watched the other staff. One lady was steaming a wedding dress, she was standing all over it and throwing it around without any care. I would be appalled if thought my dress was being handled in this way. My mother went on to tell me that when she was in the changing room there was a wedding dress in there with a name and date attached to it. I really wouldn't like my dress being left in a changing room. After an hour or so we left. Both feeling somewhat down. When my mother went on to explain how she felt that all of the ladies were looking down their noses at her I was furious. Not the day I had envisioned. We were told by friends that there was a lovely bridal shop In Statford called Cordelia's. We headed there. All I can say is wow. The women there had impecable customer service. We experienced a friendly, personal touch. The lady knew exactly what would suit my mother and went on to help dress her. We found an exquisite outfit for my mother and luckily had a productive day despite the small blip of visiting brides of Solihull. I advise any ladies who read this to give it a miss and head straight to Cordelia's. I will be returning to Cordelia's with a photograph of the wedding as they requested. 

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