Colours - please help!

Hi everyone,

Would really appreciate a bit of input about colours for bridesmaids....

Both my bridesmaids (both grown up) are very fair, one has v white skin and dark hair and one had v white skin and mousey coloured fair hair.

I really want dark red roses in my bouquet and imagined that the bridesmaid would probably have white or cream roses for theirs.

The room at the hotel where the wedding breakfast and evening reception will be is the old library, it's dark burgundy and wood on the walls.

So there's the background - now I'm just trying to work out what colour would work for bridesmaids dresses.

I did think about chocoloate brown but both bridesmaids turned their noses up at that (in the nicest possible way!). I thought about a gold colour but think the girls are just too pale to pull it off and not look ill. Reds and burgundies are a bit out of the question because of the colour of the room.

I quite like the "platinum" colour in the Alfred Angelo range but have only ever seen this in a colour chart. Has anyone seen this "in the flesh" and if so was it nice?

Also, if anyone has any other good colour ideas please send them this way.

Thanks everyone,

Elly XX


  • zfoster1892zfoster1892 Posts: 86
    elly i would get you bridesmaids to have a look at some chocolate coloured dresses before you rule it out for good, before my bridesmaid said she could not make it we had decided on a chocolate bridesmaid dress and they can look really nice.

    another colour which i have saw some nice dresses in are mink, this would work well with the colour of the room and the flowers you want.

    let us know what you decide
  • hlittlehlittle Posts: 445
    Elly I agree with Zoe. There are some really gorgeous chocolate coloured dresses around at the moment. I'd have thought they would be far more likely to wear the dress again too. Maybe in their minds they just hear 'brown.'

    I think I've seen the AA 'platinum' colour, and if it is the one I'm thinking of it was a bit of a non-descript grey colour. That could be becasue I saw it on a chiffon type dress rather than a satin one, maybe that would have more sheen.
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  • cheryl654cheryl654 Posts: 366
    I have gone for palest platinum silver with an accent colour and it is lovely and my bridesmaids are mousey haired, one brown haired and one auburn and looks great on all of them. My reception room is brown and felt dresses needed to lift/lighten the colour of the room.
  • nessauknessauk Posts: 319
    Hi Elly - it's tricky isn't it - trying to find a colour to suit your venue and bridesmaids!! The trouble with v fair skin (and I should know!) is that some colours make you look really washed out. I'd go for a fairly strong colour or if you'd prefer something lighter then go for something 'warm' - a pale gold / mink could work or cream perhaps? Light greys and white can make us fair skinned ones look washed out.

    There are lots of different shades of green around at the mo - I reckon a sage green colour would suit them - There's one on the Alfred Angelo website called Celadon and would look pretty with your roses plus dark wood of reception.

  • Hi

    i'm a red head and have found that white [say a natural silk white rather that bright bright white] atually works ok, along with cream. certain gold make me look half dead!!!

    Am thinking of putting my lot in white.

    Have tried to talk them into sage green - it's so so lovely, but seems hard to wear. I think it's for hispanic looking exotics!! haven't given up though.......wonder how they would feel about a few low/high lights.....?
  • EllyukEllyuk Posts: 293
    Thanks everyone, I've printed out all the suggestions to keep for when we go dress shopping later in the year.

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