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help gold or silver jewellery ?

Hi everybody

I'd really appreciate your opinions as i just cant' seem to make up my mind.

I'm an october bride and going for a rich burgandy and gold theme to tie in with autumn but i have few doubts about wedding jewellery.

My dress is the MS michelle which with all the beading i think would look better with a silver tiara, also my engagement ring and wedding ring are white gold and then i really want to wear my late mothers silver charm bracelet so that i have something of her with me on special day.

So do you think i should have all silver coloured jewellery including bridesmaids but still keep with burgandy and gold theme for everything else?

Go with gold jewellery and justy wear braclet any way even if it doesn't match?

Or change the wedding colours to burgandy and silver which go very nicely together, but i just feel that silver isn't a nice warm rustic autumn colour?

i'm so confused but the gold or silver descision is holding up the desicisions on everything else.




  • emmcewenemmcewen Posts: 582
    Sounds like silver is the way to go (this coming from someone who wont be wearing any jewellry on the day apart from her rings!) but i think wearing the charm braclet of you mums would be a really special thing....Hope this helps......
  • I'm a silver girl and event though my theme is gold I'm still sticking to the silver jewellery.
  • Hi,

    i think silver too. I had a dillemma like this as my dress is a goldy colour but my rings are platinum so i am going with pearls on silver wirework.

    The gold in your theme will come from other aspects, I dont think it has to be on you!
  • nicandleenicandlee Posts: 1,743
    I'm a october bride and wearing sliver sparkley the better, i think sliver would be better as you want to wear a sliver bracelet.
  • Hi,

    I'm an october bride too and having a gold and ivory theme is but will be having silver coloured jewellery. I'd go with the silver as you'll be wearing a special piece of jewellery thats in silver.
  • saf28saf28 Posts: 645
    I was a bridesmaid for my cousin 2 years ago and the colour scheme was gold and red. My cousin wore all silver/diamante jewellery with her dress and the bridesmaids were asked to wear silver studs and necklace (we'd been bought a silver and amber bracelet as presents). It all looked nice. To be honest I think silver looks fine with gold so long as the gold isn't metallic (not sure if it would look bad though). Hope that helps!?


  • Thanks everyone for the advice. I think i'm going to go with the silver, i think that if i keep all jewellry on bridesmaids and myself silver it will look like a deliberate choice and then gold colour scheme can be kept to the reception.

    thanks Alex
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