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Hi Girlies!

I was just wondering if any one can reccomend a wedding shop in Enfield where I could buy a veil?

Thanks in advance...xxxx


  • Not sure there are many - I believe there is a shop in Ponders End called Celebrations or something on that ilk. Also there is a dress shop in Oakwood called the Dress Lounge (or something) that sells wedding dresses so will probably do veils.

    I bought mine on e-bay, you could also try more central london.
  • I think there's one in Palmers Green as well, but I can't remember the name. Sorry, I'm not that helpful am I?
  • HI Girls,

    Thanks for your tips, I actually live in Central London but my dress is at my grandparents in Enfield. I want to try my veil with my dress so i thoguht I`d try there first.x
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